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In his text How to be an Antiracist, (2019)  Ibram Kendi writes  “Being an antiracist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination” ( p.23). In our EDST mission statement, we express a similar commitment.

In the Education Studies Program we believe that we must become a more inclusive and just society.  We must honestly name and relentlessly address the educational inequities that we have created and that we sustain as individuals and members of multiple communities. In our formal settings, whether a Kindergarten class or senior seminar at Middlebury, and in our informal interactions with each other, we seek to embody the intellectual understandings, the humility, and empathy essential to this work.

The mission of the Education Studies Program is to prepare students to effectively contribute to a more just, compassionate, and equitable society by developing their self-awareness, critical lenses, analytical frameworks, and pedagogical content knowledge manifested in meaningful practices.

How have great teachers influenced us? What does it mean to be deprived of an education? Education—learning and teaching—touches nearly every aspect of life and the Education Studies program reflects that. We expect our students to engage in intellectual risk taking, critical inquiry, experiential learning, creative problem solving, and reflection as they consider the theory, research and practice of education. Education Studies offers courses and practical classroom experiences that allow our students to explore the profound ways that education and teaching affect children’s lives. Our students confront issues of what and how to teach in this rapidly changing world, but they also grapple with issues of equity, social justice, poverty, race and ethnicity as they work directly with K – 12 youth locally and globally. Our minors find their vocations as classroom teachers, administrators, school psychologists, researchers, and professors. Education Studies joint majors can seek initial licensure as classroom teachers through our program by electing to participate in the Student Teaching Professional Semester.

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