COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Fall 2020 Updated Course Offerings

Fellow dancers,

We know that students are currently making decisions about returning to campus this fall. We acknowledge that curricular offerings as well as individual circumstances will influence this decision.

In the interest of transparency and community, with the caveat that final plans are subject to change, the Dance Program would like to share the current planning for coursework. The safety of our community is a top priority, as well our ongoing commitment to an engaged and valuable learning environment that is inclusive and responsive to the currently evolving state of our field and culture.

Fall Course offerings:

ARDV 0116 - The Creative Process (Winfield)

DANC 0160 - Intro to Dance (Borni)

DANC 0277 - Body and Earth (Winfield)

DANC 0284 – Modern Dance History in U.S. (Borni)

DANC 0376 - Anatomy and Kinesiology (Jenkins)

All of our curricular offerings this fall will be online so that they will be available to all students, no matter their circumstances or location. In addition, we look forward to gathering in person on a regular basis for those who are on campus this fall. These events, planned in accordance with College safety guidelines, will be independent of our coursework, and will be available to the entire campus community. We will announce these plans as the semester begins, but preliminary ideas range from outdoor classes, to sharing of creative work, to possible performance collaborations across disciplines. We want to hear your ideas for this redefined Movement Matters Series, please contact any faculty member with your suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Dance Program



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Through the Department of Theatre and Dance, the Dance Program offers a major or joint major, leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree; a minor, or the opportunity to take courses in dance for academic credit or as an auditor. Many other opportunities to dance arise each semester in guest artists’ master classes and in faculty- and student-choreographed concerts. January Term courses also provide intensive, interdisciplinary or other options to explore or extend your interest in dance.

Central to our Dance Program is the development of the creative artist and artist/scholar through critical study and regular practice in contemporary, world dance techniques; improvisation and choreography; history, theory, and cultural studies; experiential anatomy and kinesiology; and performance. Students are encouraged to follow their individual talents and interests into advanced, independent study of dance within the department and the broader college curriculum. The dance major is designed to provide a solid and extensive base of intellectual and experiential expertise in dance, applicable widely, as well as necessary flexibility to accommodate individual educational goals. Our faculty of four dance professionals, two musician/composers and a lighting designer/technical director is further diversified and extended by a robust calendar of guest artists and performances. In addition, a lively group of student-run clubs and associations responds to current interests in dance/movement.


The Middlebury Dance Program received a major grant from the Mellon Foundation. Starting in fall 2014, "Movement Matters" will connect movement research with traditional scholarship across the campus.

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