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Francophone Study Abroad

When you are ready to put those language courses to the test, Middlebury has options for you to take those skills abroad!


The School in France offers both academic-year and semester-long programs in three locations. Bordeaux is a larger city with a rich culinary and wine growing tradition; Paris - the cosmopolitan capital at the heart of France; and Poitiers- a quintessential French town with a strong university and student culture.  




Fulani Girl in Dschang, Cameroon

The School in Cameroon offers an experience in African culture with studies conducted in French.  Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, is an ideal place for immersion into Francophone African life.  Based at the Université catholique de l’Afrique centrale, with all classes conducted entirely in French, students on the Middlebury program in Cameroon will be able to take courses in several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.


In addition to these schools, there are other Externally-Sponsored (Non-Middlebury) Programs available to you as well. Please contact the Study Abroad office to learn more about those options.

Requirements to study abroad:Students from any academic discipline planning to study abroad in France, Cameroon or a non-Middlebury program must have completed two full years of college credit by the time they undertake their study abroad; they must have successfully completed at least one course beyond FREN 0209/0210 (either FREN 0220, 0221, 0222, 0224 or FREN 0230) by the time they arrive abroad; and they must have an average in French of at least B.


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