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About the Program

The Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies is a dynamic interdisciplinary field that examines the social construction of gender and sexuality. GSFS courses utilize gender and sexuality as modes of inquiry and analysis, and we pay particular attention to the ways in which gendered ideologies are produced in relation to race, class, ability, geography and other ways through which people experience the world.

Students in GSFS courses can expect to examine how power operates in the social world and informs our own place within it.  Feminist Studies includes queer theory, gender theory and critical race theory and is always working within both historical and global perspectives.  

Thus, we might consider what US history looks like from a queer perspective how contemporary globalization processes affect people differently depending on their race, class, gender and where they live, or how the global media presents highly racialized and sexualized subjects.  Our courses highlight that there is no singular gendered experience.

GSFS students will address these kinds of questions through taking GSFS courses across the College.  Our curriculum draws upon scholarship from the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Students might take a History course looking at women in early US history, a Philosophy course on feminist epistemologies, or a Japanese Studies course on feminist activism in Japan. At the same time, there are analytics, epistemologies, and debates central to the field of Feminist Studies, and GSFS’s core courses will prepare students to engage with Feminist Studies as an interdisciplinary discipline. Through this approach, students will learn how feminist thought has grown out of and informed various disciplines and also to see Feminist Studies as a discipline, a robust site of intellectual and political contestation.


Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

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