Requirements for the Major

For students who matriculate in Fall of 2022 or later

The major requires a minimum of ten courses as outlined below.

Major requirements (10 courses total)

1. Core (5 courses):
    GSFS/SOCI 0191  
    GSFS 0200 
    GSFS 0289 
    GSFS 0320 
    GSFS 0435  

2. Distribution Requirements  (2 courses, one in each):

  A.  Feminist Approaches to Science Technology, Health, and Medicine (FemSthm)
  B. Global and Decolonial Feminisms (GloDeFem)

3. Electives (3 courses bearing the GSFS prefix)
Senior work + two electives (2 courses with GSFS prefix)
Three electives (3 courses with GSFS prefix)  
Senior Work: Senior work is optional and by application only. To be eligible to conduct senior work, students must first complete Feminist Engaged Research. During Feminist Engaged Research, students will receive information regarding how to apply to continue their research or projects. If students are granted approval, they will then enroll in GSFS 0700 for a one semester essay or project. If students want to complete a two-semester thesis or project following the completion of Feminist Engaged Research, they will register for GSFS 0700 as well as GSFS 0710. 

Joint Major: The joint major requires a minimum of seven (7) courses each in the two departments/programs. For GSFS, the requirement includes:

GSFS 0191
GSFS 0200
GSFS 0289
GSFS 0320
GSFS 0435

Distribution (2 courses, one in each)

  a. Feminist Approaches to Science, Technology, Health, and Medicine (FemSTHM)
  b. Global and Decolonial Feminisms (GloDeFem)

Minor Requirements: The minor requires a minimum of five courses including: 

Two of the following courses: GSFS 0191, GSFS 0200, GSFS0289, GSFS 0320 or GSFS 0435

Any three electives with the GSFS prefix.