Students in the Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (GSFS) Program have been incredibly successful in bridging their education to activism, both during college and following graduation.

At Middlebury, GSFS students are the leaders and spearheaders of countless student organizations, including Feminist Action at Middlebury, Women of Color, and It Happens Here. The intimacy of the program allows students to access strong mentorship and advising from GSFS faculty regarding academics, activism, and later, careers.

Through classroom teaching on intersectionality and the lived experience, students garner the academic skills to critically think, write, and organize change in the name of ending oppression and demanding power for those who are silenced. These skills are put to use through many opportunities, including clubs, committees, and conferences both on and off-campus. Further, GSFS students are celebrated for their scholarship through the Alison Fraker Prize and the Gensler Prize.