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Below are events that members of the Queer Studies House have organized—some more academic than others, but all of them fun!

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Trans/formative Justice:
Prison Abolition, Gender Self-Determination, and Education

Tuesday, April 19 // 4:30 P.M. // Axinn 229
In this workshop, Lark Mulligan ’11 and Viveka Ray-Mazumder ’11 helped us unpack some of the complexities of fighting for liberation within violent and discriminatory institutions of authority. Specifically, we questioned the ways in which schools mirror the State by investigating punitive practices and the school-to-prison pipeline: how do both schools and the penal system function to police and control our bodies, our identities, and our imaginations as activists? The workshop concluded with a discussion of education and the school system as sites of radical resistances and creative transformation.

Resisting the State: Transforming Justice

Tuesday, March 22 // 4:30 P.M. // Hillcrest 103 (Orchard)
In this workshop, Owen Daniel-McCarter and Baylie Roth ’9.5 led a discussion of how state-sponsored systems of control negatively effect and create divisions among oppressed communities, including people of color, folks with disabilities, immigrants, women, poor people, and transgender people. We questioned whether current national legal battles demanding things like hate crimes legislation, marriage recognition, and decriminalization of queer sex are harmful to our communities. The workshop concluded with collective dreaming about what lessons can be shared among activists organizing both on and off college campuses, and how we can transform justice, empower disempowered communities, and push for liberation from institutional systems of control over our bodies. Owen-Daniel McCarter is the founding collective member and project attorney for the Transformative Justice Law Project (TJLP) in Chicago, which provides free, holistic legal services to poor transgender people of color targeted by the legal system throughout Illinois.

Trans/Immigration and Prison Abolition

Monday, March 21 // 7:00 P.M. // Hillcrest 103 (Orchard)
In this lecture, Owen Daniel-McCarter discussed the particular legal issues faced by transgender immigrants of color in the U.S., including an analysis of how current immigration policies disproportionately bar trans people of color from gaining citizenship, and how immigrant detainment practices uphold systems of misogynist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic violence. The lecture addressed why these struggles are of concern to the Prison Abolition and Transformative Justice movements, and concluded by outlining next steps that activists can take in dismantling interlocking systems of oppression. Owen-Daniel McCarter is the founding collective member and project attorney for the Transformative Justice Law Project (TJLP) in Chicago, which provides free, holistic legal services to poor transgender people of color targeted by the legal system throughout Illinois.

Pop ‘Til You Drop ft. 8″ Dj(CK)

Friday, March 18 // 11:30 P.M.-2:00 A.M. // QSH
Blacklights, balloons, bubble wrap on the walls, and endless pop music. What could be better?!

Where Words Will Dance: A Night of Slam Poetry with Andrea Gibson

Tuesday, March 1 // 7:30 P.M. // 51 Main
Andrea Gibson’s work illuminates that the personal is political with themes that deconstruct gender norms, sexuality, class, patriarchy, and white supremacist capitalist culture.”

“When The Rainbow Ain’t Enough”: What Recent Queer Suicides Tell Us About The LGBT Movement

Wednesday, January 26 // 7:30 P.M. // Axinn 229
Kenyon Farrow, queer activist and former Executive Director of Queers for Economic Justice, discussed how the more mainstream LGBT movement and even the queer left have failed to build an infrastructure to support people—whether they’re young and coming out or if they are seasoned activists.

Cruise Party!
ft. DJ Nerissa

Friday, January 21 // 11:00 P.M.-2:00 A.M. // QSH
We got a little nautical and wet with Nerissa’s sweet, sweet tunes!

Film Screening: Queer China, ‘Comrade’ China

Tuesday, January 18 // 8 P.M. // Hillcrest 103 (Orchard)
This hour-long documentary gave us insight into the past 80 years of the queer rights movement in China.

Transforming Justice:
Transgender Bodies and the Prison Industrial Complex

Friday, November 19 // 12:15 P.M. // Chellis House
Drawing on experiences from their work at the Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois, Viveka Ray-Mazumder ’11 and Lark Mulligan ’11 discussed ways in which “deviant bodies”—transgender people of color in particular—are disproportionately targeted by the Criminal Legal System. Using examples of policing, surveillance, and incarceration within queer communities of color in Chicago, they questioned the role that prisons play in our society.

Queering the Color Line

Tuesday, October 26 // 4:30 P.M. // Axinn 219
In this discussion led by Tony Huỳnh ’13, we focused on the intersections of queerness and race. In keeping with (So) Over the Rainbow, we narrowed in on students’ personal accounts of how race shapes the construction of queer identities and affects the “coming out” narrative.

Taste the Rainbow!

Friday, September 17 // 11:00 P.M.-2:00 A.M. // QSH
Everyone wore the brightest clothing in their closets—in exchange, we had Skittles, Starbursts, jello, and Kool-Aid!

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