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South Asian Studies

South Asian Studies Director: Ian Barrow (History)
Phone: 802-443-2554

What is South Asian Studies? We have all heard the clichés: colorful cultures, ancient civilizations, extremes of wealth and poverty. And we have all read the news headlines: renewed Indo-Pakistan tensions, the rise of outsourcing centers, the prominence of the South Asian diaspora. The South Asian Studies program will take you beyond the clichés and the headlines by providing a broad introduction to the region and a focus on one or more of the region’s issues or countries (with an emphasis on Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). In Middlebury learn about the region’s art, history, literature, politics, and religions. Then study in India on Middlebury’s own program, learn Hindi, and discover what lies behind the clichés or what never makes it to the headlines.

As a South Asian Studies major you will begin a language, study abroad for at least a semester, take 5 regional and 3 global courses, IGST 0101, and a senior seminar. The program recommends you attend the Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad in India, which is based in Delhi one of the oldest capital cities in the world and home to some 15 million people today. Students in this program will either be enrolled at St. Stephen’s College or at Lady Shri Ram College for Women (just for the ladies), two of the finest institutions in India. While the college classes are conducted in English, students also take instruction in Hindi.

When you graduate you will have a deep knowledge of the region, a familiarity with a South Asian country from having lived there for four months or longer, at least beginning-level language skills, and an understanding of the global forces that tie South Asia to the rest of the world.    

For the class of 2022 and 2022.5 only: in lieu of study abroad, students will take, at a minimum, two language courses (at 300 level and above).

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