Neuroscience is the study of the mind, how the brain functions, and the role of the nervous system in normal and abnormal behavior.

The Neuroscience Program at Middlebury offers a wide array of courses that explore the neural bases of behavior from multiple perspectives, including biology, psychology, and philosophy. Neuroscience students actively engage in research both as part of the Neuroscience Program curriculum and in the research laboratories of Neuroscience faculty.

The Neuroscience major is an excellent choice for students interested in graduate school, health professions, education, athletics, and businesses like pharmaceuticals, brain testing and therapy.


Spritzer Lab at the 2014 Society for Neuroscience Meeting:  At left:  Zach Schneider-Lynch (2012), Ethan Roy (2015), and Kelsey Calhoun (2012).  At right:  Brendan Cullen (2015).

Program in Neuroscience

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