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¡Bienvenidos! Bem-vindos! The Department of Luso-Hispanic Studies at Middlebury College is dedicated to providing the highest quality education to its students with respect to language learning, liberal arts training, and the understanding of cultural diversity.



Our department has the luxury of having faculty members from 8 different countries. We offer a rich curriculum with courses in language, literature, linguistics, and visual culture. Our students have the opportunity to study at any of our 21 sites in five different countries of the Middlebury C.V. Schools Abroad in Spain and Latin America. It is possible to begin Spanish at Middlebury and study abroad junior year. On campus, our students take advantage of the Spanish and Portuguese tables that bring faculty and students together at lunch every weekday. Students can further immerse themselves in their language of choice by living in the Spanish House or the Portuguese House, where the language of study is used exclusively and a variety of activities are organized throughout each semester.

Juana Gamero de Coca Lecture Series: Using the sciences with the humanities

In January, Jack Carew (’20), James Finn (’20.5), Sabine Poux (’20) and Lila Sternberg-Sher (’21.5) participated in an effort to promote the use of the Mayan language K’iche’ in Nahualá, Guatemala along with Professor Brandon Baird (Luso-Hispanic Studies). Following the lead of the local Maya, they visited schools, disseminated materials, and produced a national radio program to promote the use of K’iche’ via the neuroscientific, psychological, and linguistic benefits of bilingualism. In this talk, Jack, Sabine, James and Professor Baird discussed their experiences and what they learned from the contemporary Maya of Guatemala.

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