School of Bossa Nova poster.
Inspired by the movie School of Rock, students in Professor Mario Higa’s course The School of Bossa Nova present the Middlebury community with a vibrant performance showcasing the history of bossa nova, an acclaimed Brazilian musical genre.

Learning Goals for Spanish

Upon graduation, all students in the Spanish major and minor will be proficient in the following skills:

  • Effectively communicate in Spanish both orally and in writing in the three areas of interpersonal communication, interpretative communication, and presentational communication.
  • Demonstrate understanding of spoken Spanish in a variety of registers and through different means of presentation.
  • Be familiar with major works, genres, theoretical concepts, and historical periods in the broad spectrum of Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultural production.
  • Have command of the appropriate research tools and techniques for critical analysis of Hispanic cultures, achieved through the study, in Spanish, of such topics as literature, linguistics, cinema, history, the arts, or the social sciences.
  • Distinguish among dialects, social contexts, and historical periods in Spain and Latin America.
A still from a video essay by Professor Poppe
Students in professor Nicolas Poppe’s course Hispanic Film experiment with different styles of analysis and critique, including the production of video essays. Generating alternative modes of scholarship is one way in which students and professors in our department communicate new knowledge to a wider audience. This still from Professor Poppe’s video essay “Vueltas al bulín” appeared in Vivomatografías. Revista de estudios sobre precine y cine silente en Latinoamérica.

Learning Goals for Portuguese

Upon graduation, all students in the Portuguese minor will be proficient in the following skills: