Resources for Teaching Writing

The Writing Program supports the teaching of writing by organizing and encouraging faculty conversations about writing across the curriculum, writing within the disciplines, and writing beyond the academy. In addition to hosting conversations about writing, we create, collect and share written materials that pertain to the teaching of writing. These handouts include discussion of writing processes and genres, sample writing assignments, and syllabi from writing intensive classes across the curriculum. Some are written for faculty and others are written for students. None are intended to be prescriptive but are made available so that faculty can borrow and adapt as desired.

Peer Writing Tutors and Writing and Academic Mentors

Tutor and StudentJust as faculty benefit from having peers read their work prior to publication, students benefit from having their work read by peers before it is graded. In both cases, peer readers bring their experience - as writers of the same sort of works – to their experience as critical readers.

Faculty can have Peer Writing Tutors attached to any College Writing class. Writing and Academic Mentors are available for all First-Year Seminars. The Writing Center makes Drop-in Peer Writing Tutors available in CTLR and in the Commons.

Writing and Teaching Retreat

Faculty Retreat


All faculty are invited to the Annual Writing and Teaching Retreat where they have a chance to plan assignments, fine-tune syllabi, meet colleagues from other divisions and benefit from their teaching experiences. Presentations and panels introduce approaches to teaching that have proven successful in different disciplines, while small-group discussions give each faculty member a chance to work on particular assignments and syllabi.