Applying to Middlebury

This section will provide you some background information to the process.

Common Application

Applications to Middlebury can only be submitted via the Common Application.We require students to apply on-line and to do so via the Common Application website. 

Early Decision

If Middlebury is a student’s clear first choice, then Early Decision (ED) provides an opportunity to apply and be notified of our decision early in December (ED I) or mid-February (ED II). Unlike Regular Decision, ED is “binding,” which means that applicants may not apply for an early decision from another institution and must sign the Early Decision Commitment Statement. The College assumes that a student admitted under the ED program will attend Middlebury, provided that the financial aid makes it possible for the student to attend. Students may file applications for a regular decision from other institutions, but they must withdraw those applications immediately if admitted to Middlebury College. We will be forced to withdraw our offer of admission if these guidelines are not followed. ED candidates may be admitted to the Fall Semester or Spring Semester, denied admission or deferred for reconsideration with the Regular Decision applicants.

The only difference between ED I and ED II is the deadline. Both programs are binding and assume that an applicant will attend if admitted.

The Admissions Committee does, in every instance, attempt to apply the same assessment standards, regardless of when a candidate submits an application. Any perceived statistical advantage due to the smaller ED applicant pool is misleading due to the self-selecting nature of Early Decision, and we discourage candidates from applying for strictly strategic reasons. We welcome applications from students who have made a clear commitment to Middlebury and who are excited about making that decision early in their senior year, but an early application should not be viewed as a means of increasing one’s chances for admission.

February Students

Each year we admit a class of approximately 580-600 first-year students who begin in September, and we also select an additional 90 students who begin in February. The February group of first-year students is a great asset to the campus. They infuse the campus with new energy when they arrive, and a striking percentage of them turn out to be campus leaders. February first-year students also play on all athletic teams--fall, winter, and spring--and can play four full seasons.

About one-third of the February admitted students take college courses in the fall before arriving at Middlebury, but there is no requirement or expectation that they do so. Other February first-year students work or travel during the fall. February students are not expected to graduate in 3 1/2 years, although some choose to do that. Many will graduate in four years at mid-year, and others will graduate in 4 1/2 years, with those students who entered Middlebury the following year.

Testing Policies

Middlebury accepts any of the following exams for consideration during the admissions process. Any standardized tests should be taken no later than December of the student’s secondary school senior year. (January tests in the senior year are reported too late to be used in the admissions process.)

  • The SAT I only or
  • The ACT only or
  • Three SAT II exams only

The selection of the SAT II’s must not all be in the same area and must include a quantitative subject test. The TOEFL exam, Test of English as a Foreign Language, is required when English is not the student’s first language.

AP/IB Credit

A maximum of two advanced placement credits may be used to anticipate course work at Middlebury. AP credits applied toward graduation will be counted toward the 16-course limit in the department granting the credit unless the department specifically states that the credits do not count toward the major. AP credits do not fulfill distribution requirements. Official AP Score reports must be reported to Middlebury College no later than the end of the student’s second semester.

Students who have completed the full IB Diploma and earned grades of 6 or 7 on higher-level examinations are eligible for a maximum of two Middlebury course credits. No credit is awarded for standard level exams.

Financial Aid

Concerned about cost? So are we, and we are committed to making Middlebury College affordable for all admitted undergraduate students, regardless of the resources of their families.

Here is what you need to know about financial aid.

Middlebury Admissions
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