Overview of the Alumni Admissions Program

The Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) began in 1974 to utilize the energy and enthusiasm of our alumni in the continuing effort to attract outstanding students to the College. There are now approximately 3,700 alumni throughout the world who participate in this year-round support program.

There are 158 Alumni Admissions Committees, comprised of country or state, metropolitan or suburban jurisdictions. Committees are headed by a chair whose major responsibility is to assign student contacts to alumni on the committee. The purpose of these committees is to assist the Admissions staff in contacting applicants, providing information about the College, conducting interviews that are used in the decision-making process, and encouraging admitted students to attend Middlebury.


As a member of Middlebury’s Alumni Admissions Program, you are considered an outreach member of the Admissions Office and, as such, you are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as Middlebury’s professional staff.  Academic and/or personal information relating to an applicant may be shared only with the Middlebury Admissions Office staff. Such information should not be shared with other alumni, business associates, or school officials unless the applicant’s family has indicated that it is acceptable to do so. The deliberations of Middlebury’s Admissions staff are also confidential and should not be shared with anyone, including the student and his or her family. Each applicant will be notified of Middlebury’s admission decision when the decision becomes final.

Conflicts of Interest

We are excited that you are part of the AAP!  However, there are some instances when we will ask you to remove your name from the list of volunteers to make the interview process as fair as possible. We ask that you step down for the year if your son or daughter is applying to Middlebury College. Please feel free to rejoin us after your son or daughter finishes the application process. We also require that you step down if you are a private college counselor or receive any kind of compensation for admissions-related counseling. Please let the Admissions Office aap@middlebury.edu know so that we may remove you from the AAP volunteer list.

We also prefer an unbiased interview for our applicants. If you happen to know well the student to whom you have been assigned or are close friends with the family, please ask your chairperson to re-assign the interview to another AAP member.

Thank you for your attentiveness to these matters.  We consider these exceptions very important to the process.

What Does Middlebury Want From Me As An Alumni Interviewer?

Our hope is for you to be able to describe the applicant’s personal qualifications, i.e., the contributions they will be able to make to the Middlebury community. Beyond the academic record which we learn through the Common Application (Please don’t ask about student’s grades, academic rating, class standing, SAT or ACT scores. We obtain that information from other sources.), we want you to be able to comment on the applicant’s intellectual engagement, curiosity, love of learning, creativity, depth of thought, and ability to articulate. Additionally, we want you to engage the applicant to talk about his/her extracurricular activities that demonstrate talent, tenacity, commitment, leadership abilities, and his/her potential to make a positive, significant contribution to the College community. And finally, if you learn any extenuating circumstances about the applicant’s background that would shed additional light upon his/her experiences or accomplishments, we would like to know that.

Responsibilities of Committee Chairs

A committee chair coordinates all of the alumni admissions operations in their area and serves as the liaison between the committee and the Admissions Office. Committee chairs are appointed by the Admissions Office. If you are interested in finding out more about leading a committee, please contact the AAP Coordinator. Whenever a committee member cannot complete an assignment or encounters problems, the chair is to be notified.

Chairs perform a variety of jobs depending on their area. These jobs include:

  1. Communicate with their committee on a regular basis to keep them organized for the interview season either through email, phone calls, or face-to-face meetings in the fall.
  2. Assign alumni volunteers to applicants in their committee area.
  3. Monitor assignments and follow up with interviewers during interview season.
  4. Contact and interview prospective students.
  5. Encourage committee members to submit their completed interview reports on time.
  6. Encourage committee members to recruit additional volunteers by using this link AAP Registration 
  7. Communicate with AAP Coordinator with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Responsibilities of Committee Members

Participants in the Alumni Admissions Program should be familiar with content on the Admissions website, as well as keep up-to-date with what’s happening at Middlebury. Questions that alumni are unable to answer by researching the Middlebury website can usually be answered by members of the Admissions Office staff. An alumni representative should never hesitate to call the Admissions Office for information of any kind.

The main task for AAP members is to interview prospective students. More details on the “how-to” of setting up and completing an interview are discussed in a later chapter of the Handbook. Some alumni also represent the College at secondary school college fairs, make follow‑up and congratulatory phone calls, and host gatherings.

Please be sure to contact us if you change locations.

Address Update Here

All the contact information for your committee chair is located on the AAP website on the “Member Home” page.

Phone Calls to Admitted Students

One of the most important tasks for committee members is the follow‑up telephone calls in the spring to admitted students. Alumni will be able to access the admissions decisions on the AAP website 4 days after the applicant has received our decision first. If your interviewee was admitted, feel free to make a congratulatory phone call. Sometimes the call or a general offer of assistance will help the student decide to matriculate at Middlebury.

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