Feb Profiles

Febmester: (n.) Refers to the time between finishing high school and beginning studies at Middlebury College in the month of February. During this semester, "Feb" students participate in a wide variety of activities such as working at home or volunteering abroad.

This is a collection of short narratives created by current Febs. Enjoy their stories and pictures as they reflect on both their time off and their time at Middlebury. 

Every Febmester experience is different! The most important thing about taking time off is that it is your time. Whether it is a time of transition or a time to explore, having the opportunity to construct a unique experience is something that you will never forget.

Asher Brown '19.5  

Aumit Leon '19.5

Gracie Winogradsky '19.5 

Neha Sharma '18.5  

Paige Guarino '18.5

Ratang Sedimo '18.5  

Sarah Asch '19.5 

Tess Weitzner '18.5

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