Asher Brown '19.5

Hometown: Lyme, New Hampshire

Year at Middlebury: Sophomore Feb 

Major: Undeclared 

How did you spend your Febmester?

I spent most of my fall surfing in Taghazout, a small town in southern Morocco. Before I left, I completed my International Surf Association Instructor Certification so that I could teach surfing lessons to guests at the hostel I was staying at.

How has being a Feb impacted your time at Middlebury?

I can’t imagine starting school any other time but February. Not only did I have a wild ride during the fall when everyone else was grinding away at the books, but the Feb start enhanced my personal transition into college life. As a Feb, you are able to assimilate into the community on your terms. I was able to meet so many new people and get involved with so many things on campus. Everyone is always really excited to greet the new Febs. 

What advice do you have for incoming or prospective Febs?

Do it up! Do what you want. At first my family wasn’t totally on board with the idea of me traveling around Northern Africa and surfing, but I did it and I grew incredibly from my experiences. I think the unstructured nature of my decision allowed for a really unique trip. Instead of being surrounded by other gap year students my own age, I spent time with people from multiple countries of various ages and career paths. Connecting with such a diverse group of people allowed me to see that growth and friendship can extend beyond identity categories. Some of the most intense periods of learning and growth can come from experiences that aren’t explicitly structured. Decide what you want to do and go for it! 

Camels on the road in Morrocco. "This was a regular occurrence." 

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