Hometown: Lexington, MA
Major: Environmental Studies with a Nonfiction Creative Writing focus

Gap Year Description:

I did a variety of things during my gap year including working in Maine and volunteering in Nicaragua with my family. My biggest adventure was exploring New Zealand for about four months. Much to the discomfort of my mother, I left home by myself and without a plan. I ended up backpacking the length and breadth of the country, about one month with my friend, and six weeks by myself. I also WWOOFed on a family farm, and did some other odd jobs. I did Outward Bound New Zealand, which is possibly the best thing I have ever done for myself. Traveling alone was an incredible
experience, full of ups and downs, but well worth it. For those months I felt so alive, competent, and free.


How it influenced your time at Middlebury:

I arrived at Middlebury with more energy, motivation, and commitment than I would have if I came straight from high school. As it turns out, removing myself from academia for a year gave me a greater desire to learn than I’ve ever had before. Traveling alone
forced me to become more independent and grateful, and take responsibility for myself. I am sure that college is where I want to be, whereas my senior year of high school, I wasn’t sure why I was going to college. I feel that I have made a conscious choice to come to  Middlebury and I am happy, inspired, and fully committed to being here.