Hometown: Hanover, NH

Major: Undeclared


Gap Year Description:

I was admitted as a Feb 2013.5 but deferred to the Class of 2014. One of the main reasons I deferred the extra six months was a once in a lifetime job opportunity. The middle school that I attended in my hometown, Hanover, New Hampshire offered me a job as an associate Computer Literacy teacher. I could think of more adventurous ways to spend my gap year like traveling in New Zealand or heading west for endless snow; but the idea of working with my teachers from just five years ago, calling Mrs. Keighley Carrol, and playing lunch soccer against kids with whom I could beat was too much to turn down.

During my year, I supervised a computer lab, which I must admit was not my foray, and got the opportunity to learn the workings of the A/V world, the computer programming world, and the teaching world. I taught 5-6 classes a week and the second semester, I had my own class in which we created the graduation video for 8th grade class. This past year was an absolute treat. Other than teaching, I coached three high school sports teams, worked in a restaurant and was able to attend the 2012 Vancouver Olympics. Since I was working in the school system, I was able to chaperone a high school trip along the Camino de Santiago in Spain which was a blast.

How it influenced your time at Middlebury:

The last year was an exploration into the working community and a taste of adulthood. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for taking the year off, and how much more excited I am about Middlebury now.