Art Supplements

We welcome supplemental information from those of you who have a serious interest in the arts.  If you would like to have your special talent in one or more of the arts considered as a part of the admissions process, you must submit the optional supplemental material using SlideRoom, which is accessible via the Common Application.  Submissions are due November 1 for ED I, January 1 for ED II and Regular Decision.

Art:  Please note the title, date, medium and dimensions of each work. Art work submitted on CD's will not be reviewed.

Instrumental or voice:  Solo performances are preferred.  Feel free to submit several samples that demonstrate your musicality, intonation, phrasing and repertoire, but preferably no more than 10-15 minutes.

Theater: Two monologues (of contrasting styles if possible) introduced by the applicant, totaling no more than four minutes, is preferred.  If that is not possible, brief clips of performances, totaling no more than four minutes, are acceptable.

Dance:  Please include no more than three samples of reasonable length as performer and/or choreographer.  We want to experience the variety and strength of your ability.  Please identify yourself if you are not the soloist.  If you would like to include additional information such as a dance resume or letter of recommendation you can do this via SlideRoom.

Film or Video: Video submissions can either be a complete piece, an excerpt from a longer piece, or a selection from multiple pieces, but in total they should not exceed 10 minutes. The student should clearly state what roles were played in the production (e.g. director, camera, editing, writing, etc.)

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