This handbook has been compiled in an effort to prepare you for your program of studies with the Language Schools.

If you read this material carefully, you will find the answers for many commonly asked and basic questions. However, Language Schools’ staff always welcomes your e-mails, phone calls, and inquiries, and we hope that you will continue to seek guidance and support as you prepare for your Language Schools experience. Our staff is available to talk to your family and friends and answer any questions they may have regarding your time at the summer session.

Middlebury endeavors to present an accurate overview of the programs, facilities, and fees of the Language Schools in this handbook. However, Middlebury reserves the right to alter any program, facilities, or fees, described in this publication without notice or obligation.

Printed copies of this policy are available upon request at several Middlebury offices, including Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Schools, Dean of Language Schools, Title IX Coordinator, Judicial Affairs Officers, Human Relations Officers, Public Safety, and Human Resources. This policy may be amended from time to time; the policy published on Middlebury’s Language Schools Web site should be consulted for any updates. The amended policy, as published through Middlebury’s Language Schools Web site, shall supersede wholly any prior versions of the policy. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for persons with disabilities who need assistance in reviewing this policy and/or filing or pursuing a complaint under the policy, upon request.

In addition to the policies set forth in the Language Schools Handbook, all Middlebury Language Schools’ faculty, staff, and students are also subject to the Middlebury College Handbook. Furthermore, all Language Schools students attending programs outside of Vermont (e.g., Mills College, Paris and Buenos Aires), are subject to the policies applicable to those programs.

We hope this information will be helpful and we wish you a productive and enjoyable summer session.