Happy master's student.

Applicants to the graduate programs who plan to attend for only one summer should select the 6-week non-degree program.

Who is eligible?

  • Graduate-level students who plan to attend for only one 6-week summer.
  • Graduate-level students who are interested in one summer for personal, professional, or academic reasons.
  • Graduate-level students who do not yet hold a bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduate-level students in Spanish can participate in the Buenos Aires 6-week summer if they are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in Spanish.

Course Credit

As a non-degree student, you may earn up to 9 semester hours (3 Middlebury units) a summer session. Should you subsequently enroll in the MA program, you may petition to have up to three units of Middlebury non-degree graduate credit applied toward the MA degree once you have established degree candidacy.


In order to apply, select ‘Graduate Level - New Applicants (MA or DML).’ To be considered, you must complete the standard application as well as the graduate-level language assessment. You can apply for limited financial aid.

Students in Buenos Aires attend the theater as a group.
Graduate students have the opportunity to study for one 6-week summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Students need to be completing their master’s at another university. 
Marta is a student who traveled to Argentina.

“Studying abroad with Middlebury in Buenos Aires was an incredibly special educational experience. Simply put, an absolute pleasure! I cannot emphasize enough how much this summer immersion experience improved my Spanish and boosted my confidence in the language.” Learn more from non-degree graduate students.