911:  In situations perceived as serious medical emergencies, fire, a serious crime in progress, or a person with a weapon, dial 911.

Persons with possible neck or spine injuries should never be moved. Always call an ambulance for these injuries and also call 911.

802.443.5911 or x5911: For all other emergencies, contact Public Safety by dialing 443.5911 or x5911 from any campus phone.  Public Safety also can be contacted by picking up any red phone located in campus buildings, or by pressing the call button located at dormitory entrances and open area emergency call boxes topped with blue lights. Public Safety will respond and also will contact the fire department, police, and/or ambulance, if necessary.

Public Safety officers are often the first responders for assistance in reports of fire, medical emergencies, and most criminal activity. Emergency calls from the campus telephone system are sent directly to the Vermont statewide 911 service.

If you mistakenly dial 911, do not hang up, because all calls are captured by the 911 system. Stay on the line and talk to the 911 dispatcher before you disconnect. In the event of a hang-up, emergency service personnel will attempt to call you back, or if there is no answer, will send a public safety officer  to the location from which the call was made. Public Safety Business Line (Non-Emegency)

802.443.5133 or x5133:  Dial 802.443.5133 or x5133  to contact Public Safety for non-emergencies, such as noise complaints, escort requests, and theft, as well as for business services, such as parking permits, identification cards, and lost property.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies Non-Emergency  Telephone Numbers:

• Middlebury Police Department: 802.388.3191
• Vermont State Police: 802.388.4919
• Addison County Sheriff's Office: 802.388.2981

Events on other campuses and around the world make us aware that Middlebury is not insulated from threats and concerns for safety and security.

With the proliferation of cell phones, it is sometimes impossible to reach students, staff, and faculty in a timely fashion using the methods relied upon in the past. Middlebury has implemented an emergency notification system (ENS) to allow the College to send out information to cell phones and e-mail accounts in a rapid and organized manner in the case of certain types of emergencies. This system can only reach you if we have your contact information. It is therefore critical that you enter your contact information in Banner Web so that you receive emergency notifications. Your contact information  will not appear either in the printed directory or online directory.

Instructions to Register for Emergency Notifications:  If you own a cell phone with Vermont dialing access, it is in your best interest to provide your number to receive emergency notifications from the College. You can register your cell phone by logging on to BannerWeb (go to Quick Links at the bottom of the Middlebury homepage). Enter your User ID and PIN number, and select the Personal Information tab. On the next page, select Update Cell Phone. Type in your cell phone number. If you need to update this number at a later date, you can simply follow these steps to enter the new cell phone number.

To recognize these messages when they arrive, please note the following important information.

  • A message sent to an email address will have the following sender information: Rave Alert (middlebury@getrave.com).

  • A message sent to a cell phone will display the following number: 802.388.0409.

  • An SMS (text message) will display the following number 802.388.0409.

Emergency Information Updates:  The College posts updated emergency information on its home page via MiddAlert.net. For more information, please refer to student pre-arrival information.

The College advises all faculty, staff, and students to create a personal evacuation plan in case of a major emergency.  This evacuation plan should be registered via BannerWeb.

Emergency Preparedness