Faculty and Staff

Summer Language Schools Handbook Supplement for Faculty and Staff

This publication is supplemental to the summer Language Schools Handbook, which all summer faculty and staff are required to read. The Middlebury College Handbook also applies to all summer, graduate, and special programs.

Because it may be necessary to change the text of this Supplement from time to time, the statements herein are not meant to be and should not be considered contractual in nature.

Student Accessibility Services and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Supervision of Children

Children under 12 are not permitted in any College facility, including dining halls, unless supervised by an adult who is responsible for ensuring their appropriate behavior. Children must not be left unattended in the dormitories, in classroom buildings, or on the campus. Several construction projects will be taking place on campus during the summer, which present a significant danger to unsupervised children.

Middlebury College does not provide childcare services or space for day care. It is not acceptable for faculty to station unsupervised children in an adjacent room, or in the corridor while they are teaching. If you are planning to bring children under 12, you must also have a full-time caregiver on hand throughout the session, even if you hope to enroll your children in day care or recreational programs in Middlebury. Space in such programs is limited, and their schedules may not coincide with your professional commitments.

Parents of children who do not speak the language of the School are reminded of the Language Pledge signed by students. This calls for discretion in ensuring that no English is heard in the vicinity of students. We appreciate your cooperation.


Faculty and staff mail is delivered to School offices. Please check your mailbox and e-mail frequently for School notices. You may arrange with your School office to have mail forwarded to your permanent address before leaving campus. Please note: second class mail (magazines, newspapers) cannot be forwarded. Additional information about incoming and outgoing mail and public FAX machines is included in the Resource Guide.


You may request an analog telephone for use in your dorm room once you arrive on campus. You can make local calls and receive both local and international calls on this phone. Making outgoing long distance calls requires a calling card that you must purchase yourself. Please see your School's coordinator to request a phone.


Please review residential key information and policies, including charges for lost or unreturned keys, at: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/health/publicsafety/services/Keys


Because there is a very short window during which the campus is readied for the summer session, we cannot accommodate early arrivals except for official orientation sessions arranged by the director of your School. There are several inns and motels in the area for those arriving in Middlebury before the beginning of your session (see Language Schools Handbook).

If you plan to bring your extended family to Middlebury for all or part of the summer, you should contact the Addison County Chamber of Commerce (802.388.7951) for a listing of short-term housing (inns, cottages, bed and breakfasts) in the area. Information can also be found on the Web at http://www.addisoncounty.com/. Arrangements should be made early as Vermont is a popular vacation area.

Faculty and staff and their dependents live in dormitory rooms. Housing is not luxurious, and you should expect to share bathroom and kitchenette facilities with students or other families. We attempt to house faculty and staff with young children in smaller residence halls separate from the main student residence halls. Teenage children may be housed in the dormitories of the School, if they speak the language of the School.

Rooms that are assigned to children who will not be present for the entire session may be used for other purposes (e.g., guest rooms) when those children are away from the campus. In some cases it may be necessary for children from different families to share a room.

Faculty and staff rooms are furnished with beds, one pillow and two blankets per bed, linens, student desks, desk lamps, desk chairs, and chests of drawers and/or wardrobes. It is not possible for Middlebury College to supply additional furnishings. We strongly recommend that you bring with you, or purchase in Middlebury, additional lamps and a fan. (Most residence halls are not air conditioned.) Bed linens are exchanged once a week and fresh towels (four per person) are supplied once a week. If you will require additional linens, please bring them with you.

Personal guests of faculty and staff may not be housed on campus.

Custodial Services

Custodians sweep or vacuum each faculty or staff room on assigned days, every other week between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Middlebury is obligated by law, and motivated by a strong commitment, to preserving our environment, and to engage in a broad-based recycling program. Faculty and staff are responsible for emptying their own trash and recycling containers into the centrally located bins.

Custodians have been instructed not to handle personal possessions; thus, they will not sweep or vacuum thoroughly in rooms that are not orderly. Items of a personal or private nature should be kept in places not readily seen (such as in a desk, dresser drawer, or the closet).

Clean linens are provided once a week by the custodial staff. When you arrive, you will find a card on your desk that indicates the day of the week and the beginning date when linen service will be provided. Before 8:00 a.m. on that day, please bundle your dirty linens together and leave them just inside the entrance to your room or suite. The custodians will replace them with clean linens. Please note that this is a one-for-one exchange: you will receive replacement linen only for the number of pieces of used linen you turn in. Should the used linens not be available at the designated time, there will be no linen exchange until the following week.

Bathrooms and public areas of the residence halls are cleaned daily, Monday through Friday. Small houses and suites in large residence halls are cleaned once a week. Tipping custodians and other College personnel is neither required nor expected. If you wish to acknowledge extra effort by a member of the staff, a small gift at the end of the session may be appropriate.

Problems with custodial or maintenance services should be reported promptly to your School office for referral to the proper College department. Faculty members and their families should not contact College service departments directly except in emergencies.


Faculty, staff, and their families eat in the dining hall assigned to their School, from dinner on the day that students arrive through the final lunch. Meal settings provide a valuable opportunity for students to interact informally with faculty and staff, and to practice their language skills. Faculty are expected to frequently make themselves available to students at meal times, and to seek out those students who may be too shy or uncertain to initiate conversation. Dependent children who speak the language of the School are welcome and encouraged to interact with students.

Because eight- and seven-week faculty and staff generally arrive before the dining halls have opened, and faculty and staff in all sessions may depart later than the students, we arrange to serve special meals at the beginning and end of the session. The first meal served to faculty and staff is dinner on the scheduled day of arrival.

If you arrive before the dining halls open, The Grille, located in the McCullough Student Center, will be open to purchase meals.

Similar to housing, U.S. tax law requires the College to tax employees on the benefit derived from receiving free meals for their spouse/domestic partner and dependent children. The College understands this is a financial burden to faculty and gives a stipend to the affected employees in the first summer paycheck. If you have any questions, please contact the director of your School.

Guests who speak the language of the School may eat in a dining hall, with the permission of the director or associate director, but must pay appropriate charges for meals.

School Office Support

Each School's coordinator oversees the provision of various support services for faculty and serves as a liaison to the various College departments. School office hours are 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

If you need to have classroom materials duplicated, bring them to the School office 24 hours before the time they will be needed and a staff member will make arrangements to have them copied. Copiers in Sunderland, the Library, etc., may not be used for course materials or other copying in quantity. Larger copy jobs should be brought to the Reprographics department in Freeman International Center.

Please check with your School coordinator if you have scheduling, space, or equipment needs, or if you need to report problems with housing, classrooms, keys, etc. The staff of your School will refer these matters to the proper College departments.

Property Insurance

The College does not maintain insurance for the personal property of faculty, staff, or students. It is your responsibility to insure valuable personal property that you bring with you.

Salary, Benefit, and Tax Information

Your Employment

Middlebury Language Schools' faculty and staff are considered "at will" employees. No employment contract is expressed or implied. Language Schools' faculty and staff are governed by the Middlebury College Handbook (www.middlebury.edu/handbook).

Tax Information for Foreign Nationals

In mid-May all foreign national faculty and staff will receive an email from the College's Tax Office asking you to supply the office with address, visa, and passport information. It is your responsibility to submit the information in a timely fashion. Based on the information provided, the Tax Office will determine whether you are a resident alien or non-resident alien for tax purposes, whether you may receive income tax treaty benefits, and whether you are exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Verification of Employment Eligibility for all Employees

In accordance with United States laws, Middlebury College hires only U.S. citizens or non-U.S. citizens who are able to obtain employment authorization in the U.S. for the duration of the intended summer employment. Proof of your citizenship and employment authorization in the U.S. is required before you can begin employment.

The Language Schools will designate a time for your School to meet with Human Resources during the first few days of the School's session to complete the I-9 form employment eligibility form. The W-4 form should have been returned with your contract unless you are a foreign national. Faculty and staff who are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents may not be required to complete a new I-9 form, but are required to complete a new W-4 form. Faculty and staff who are foreign nationals will be provided with a W-4 in conjunction with other required tax forms during the meeting with Human Resources. Faculty and staff who are employed by Middlebury College during the academic year are not required to complete I-9 and W-4 forms. You may, however, want to consider completing a new W-4 to account for the additional wages earned during the summer session.

To ensure that you have the appropriate documents with you when you arrive, please consult the "List of Acceptable Documents" on the pre-arrival website that must be presented with the I-9 form. Please note that one document from List A is sufficient. If you do not have one of the documents listed on List A, then you must bring two documents—one from List B and one from List C. Because federal regulations are subject to change and reinterpretation, we recommend that you bring the appropriate documentation with you whether or not you believe you will be required to complete an I-9 form.

Documents required by foreign nationals are:
• Form W-8ben, if you are a non-resident alien for tax purposes, or Form W-9, if you are a resident alien for tax purposes
• Form W-4
• Form 8233 (or W-9 Treaty), if you receive treaty benefits
• Foreign National Information Data Sheet
• Photocopy of the picture page of your passport
• Photocopy of the visa page of your passport
• Photocopies of both sides of Form I-94 and of form I-20, DS-2019, or I-797, or your employment authorization card depending on your current visa status.

Generally, all resident and non-resident aliens are subject to Federal income taxes, Vermont (or California) state taxes and Medicare and Social Security unless treaty benefits apply or another exception exists.

Treaty benefits for teachers/researchers generally provide that all income is exempted from Federal income taxes and Vermont Income taxes. (The State of California does not follow federal law, and there you will always pay California state income taxes). The above mentioned documents need to be processed in order to receive your first paycheck.

Salary Payments

Summer faculty and staff are paid in bi-weekly installments. The final payment will not be issued until all obligations to the College have been met.

Direct Deposit – U.S. BANKS ONLY

Direct deposit information can be accessed online through BannerWeb (https://ssb.middlebury.edu/PNTR/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin?). This allows you to add, view, or update your direct deposit information for Payroll deposits and Accounts Payable reimbursements. Completing the online form, rather than a paper form, will streamline the direct deposit enrollment process and give you the ability to access your information.

Changes to your banking information will need to be pre-noted and verified by the bank. We will notify you if the banking information you entered will not be accepted by the bank. The pre-note process may take one pay cycle for verification and to become effective, which means you will receive an actual hardcopy check to be manually deposited for one pay cycle.

If you currently enrolled in payroll direct deposit and do not want to make any changes, you do not need to do anything. However, we encourage you to log on to verify that your information is correct.

First time users will need their Middlebury College ID numbers. Your PIN will automatically default to your birthdate (mmddyy).

Your Middlebury College ID number is located on your contract. If this number is missing, you will receive it upon returning your contract.

If you have questions or problems with the form, please email payroll@middlebury.edu.

Federal and State Tax Return Filing at Year End

At the beginning of the next calendar year, you will receive Form W-2 or, if you were a foreign national receiving treaty benefits, Form 1042S from Middlebury College, the former form electronically or via postal mail, the latter electronically. The forms will report your wage per your contract. If your spouse and dependent children received free room and board, the forms will also show the so-called "imputed income" on the room and board, as well as the additional stipend paid to you to lessen the tax burden on this additional amount reported. You will need these forms in order to fill out your federal and state income tax returns. All employees are required by law to file a U.S. income tax return and a state tax return (based on the state where the work was performed). Foreign national non-resident aliens also need to file Form 8843. The College will provide Form W-2 by January 31st, Form 1042S and Form 8843 by March 15th. In addition, the College makes available to all non-resident aliens free software to help you fill out your federal income tax return (once Form 1042S has been published). Please check the College's website (http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/tax/)for further information on taxes. The College's website also has information on how to fill out your state tax return.

For further questions, contact the Tax Office at taxmanager@middlebury.edu or via phone at 802.443.5742.

Social Security Administration

Any international employee without a Social Security Number (SSN) will need to apply for a number unless your employment time in the U.S. is too short. To apply, visit the closest Social Security Administration (SSA) office. Locations of local offices can be found here.

In Vermont, the closest office is in Burlington. Your School will make arrangements to take you to the Social Security Administration in Burlington to apply for a Social Security Number. To be able to apply for an SSN, you will need to:
• have been inside the U.S. for at least 10 days (this can include time before the start date on your DS-2019 or I-20 form);
• have been validated/registered by ISSS in the SEVIS system (which happens after we review, sign, and copy your visa documents); and
• apply more than two weeks before your program at Middlebury ends (which should be the end date stated in your contract letter issued by Middlebury College).

Please bring the following items to the local office:
• completed "Application for a Social Security Card" (Form SS-5), Page 5 is the application. For question 5, the answer is "Legal Alien Allowed to Work" for an individual with temporary visa status in the U.S.
• Valid passport.
• Valid I-94 (arrival/departure) card (the white card stapled inside the passport)
• Valid DS-2019 form for J-1 visa holders or I-20 form and, if applicable, Employment Authorization Document (EAD) for F-1 visa holders with work authorization.
• Original, signed job contract from Middlebury to demonstrate the need for an SSN (in some cases, a copy may be accepted, but the original is preferred).

Auditing Privileges

Summer session faculty and staff, their spouses, and dependent children age 16 and older may audit courses if space permits, and with the permission of the director or associate director of the School and the instructor. Auditing is not normally permitted in intensive language (lower-level) courses. Note: Auditors may not participate actively in the class.

Enrollment for Credit

Full-time summer Language Schools' staff members, and full-time summer Language Schools faculty and their spouses/domestic partners may take Middlebury College courses for credit for $100 per unit after a waiting period of one previous summer of service. The permission of the instructor and the director of the School is necessary. Staff must be able to demonstrate their qualifications for the course(s) they wish to take. Permission to register for a particular course may be withheld because of limited space, and registration will occur only after student registration is complete. For more complete information, please see the Senior Associate Registrar, Forest Hall.

Tuition Benefit

Eligible dependents of full-time summer Language School staff who are: currently employed and who have a total of four or more summers of service (including the current one), are entitled to a tuition credit of 45 percent on courses taken, for undergraduate credit, at the Summer Language Schools or Bread Loaf School of English (all campuses). This benefit is subject to admissibility and is valid only for Middlebury College summer sessions. An extension of the College's Comprehensive Fee Credit policy, it does not apply to more than one summer session, i.e., any additional Middlebury College summer sessions attended for credit may only be covered by the standard Comprehensive Fee Credit Benefit and according to its stipulations of eligibility.

Academic Information

Intellectual Property Policy

Information about Yourself and Your Courses

Each faculty member must submit a syllabus, including a description of how the final grade is determined, an outline of material to be covered—including exams and deadlines—for each course offered during the summer session, as well as a curriculum vitae (CV/résumé) to the School coordinator at the start of the session. In addition, supply your coordinator with a photograph and brief biography (200–250 words) to be posted on the Language Schools' website. Please give these documents to your School coordinator by the end of the first week of classes, or earlier if possible.


Classes meet five days a week, Monday through Friday. No holidays are observed during the summer session. Please refer any questions about class schedules and classrooms to the coordinator of your School.

In Middlebury's highly-intensive summer program, great importance is placed on regular attendance and participation. It is expected that students miss class only for illness or the most compelling of reasons. Normally students are not permitted to miss more than three days of class. Missing more than three days will likely result in removal from the program and failing grades. Please report to the director of your School any student who is frequently absent from class.

Advising Students

Please refer students who seem to be experiencing difficulty(handling stress, adjusting to language immersion, etc.) to either the College counseling center in Centeno House, ext. 5141, or the dean on call. Please reassure students that the Language Pledge is suspended when dealing with all health and counseling personnel.

We urge you to refer students who seem to be experiencing trouble adjusting to the College counseling center in Centeno House, ext. 5141, or to the Associate Dean, Elizabeth Karnes Keefe, ext. 5685. Please reassure students that the Language Pledge is suspended when dealing with all health and counseling personnel.

Student Records

In accordance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974), students or former students of Middlebury College have the right to inspect all educational records placed in their files after January 1975. Note: For additional information, please see the Language Schools Handbook or contact the Registrar's Office at ext. 5770.

Class Lists

Please check class lists carefully for accuracy, and report any discrepancies to your School coordinator. If there are students in your class whose names do not appear on your class list, request that they clarify their status immediately with the School office. Note: Auditors are not included on class lists, and may not take an active part in class.

Class lists will be distributed at the beginning of the session. Please keep your list up-to-date during the add/drop period. Changes made through the add/drop period should be corrected by hand until you receive updated lists.

Once you receive the revised lists, please check to ensure that adds and drops have been properly entered. It is important that this be done carefully, as these lists are used for both final grades and for billing when extra courses are taken.

Course Changes

Students who wish to add or drop a course, or change from one section to another, must present you with add/drop cards for your signature and approval. The director or associate director of your School must also sign the cards. Please note the add/drop deadlines in the Language Schools Handbook.


Please review information on Middlebury College's Honor System in the Language Schools Handbook, as U.S. institutions are very strict about these matters. In particular, please emphasize to your students how sources are to be cited, and what, if any, consultation about work may take place among students.

Grades and Evaluations

Please conform carefully to the grading system used at Middlebury College, as described in the Language Schools Handbook. If this system differs from that of your home institution, or if you are unfamiliar with U.S. grading practices, please discuss the matter with the director of your School.

Changes in grades are permitted only to correct clerical errors or to ensure fairness to a student. If you find it necessary to change a grade, you must obtain a grade change form from your School office and submit the completed form to the director of your School.

Faculty members will be asked to evaluate graduate students who hope to be admitted to one of the Language Schools abroad. We appreciate your taking the time to make a careful and specific evaluation.

NOTE: The A+ grade is available only at the graduate level and represents an extraordinary level of achievement. Please meet with your director to complete a special form before assigning this grade. Also, please be aware that a failure report form must be completed and returned with your grade roster if you assign a student a failing grade.

Use of Electronic Resources at the Language Schools

All work submitted by students must be their own. It is unacceptable for students to have a native speaker of the language write their work. It is unacceptable to copy language from any source without quotation marks and proper reference. Use of any translation program to create work that is then turned in as the student's own, unless the assignment explicitly calls for the use of such programs, is considered plagiarism, serious offense and can result in punishment up to and including expulsion from the Language Schools.

The use of online dictionaries is acceptable because students are responsible for using the provided words or short phrases, choosing the most appropriate one, putting it in the proper grammatical context, and providing all necessary punctuation. A translation program, on the other hand, provides a complete phrase or longer piece of text; here a student has only to copy the provided words. Therefore, anything created by a translation program cannot be considered the student's own work and, such work will be considered academic misconduct, which is a serious offense and can result in punishment up to and including expulsion from the Language Schools.

Middlebury Language Schools students are bound by the Middlebury Honor Code. See full text here.

Grade Rosters

Your director or associate director will supply hardcopy grade rosters for your courses at the end of the session. After you enter the grades and sign the roster, return it to the director of your School. Please make sure that you turn in your grade roster before leaving campus. Please do not issue the final grades to your individual students. All grades are reported to students through BannerWeb.

Survey Policy

All surveys or questionnaires, of any kind, involving faculty, students, or staff, must be registered in advance with the office of the Dean of the Language Schools. The Dean's office will contact the director of the School (or Schools) involved for their permission. No surveys may be conducted without permission from both the dean and director(s) of the School(s). Each proposed survey needs to state in clear and unequivocal terms that participation by faculty or students is entirely voluntary and in no way related to course requirements or grades. If students are involved, the survey also must be approved by Middlebury's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

U.S. law provides protection to authors, creators, and publishers of works of literature or art. The law also enumerates specific uses that do not infringe on copyright for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research (e.g. fair use). Middlebury College values and respects intellectual property rights, even as it recognizes an equal responsibility to advance the needs of scholarship and teaching within the framework of the law.
Please review the entire policy here.

Information Technology Service Policies