Things You Must Do Before Arrival (VT)

1.  Pay Your Bill by following these instructions

2.  Set up your access to BannerWeb
Middlebury College uses BannerWeb, a secure program for students to view their academic records and financial information. In order to access BannerWeb, you must provide your 8-digit student ID (included in your acceptance email) and a 6-digit PIN. For your initial entry into the BannerWeb system, your PIN is set to your Date of Birth (MMDDYY). Upon first entry to the system, you are prompted to change this. (Helpful Information)

You will log in to BannerWeb to obtain your room assignment and a door code if you are housed in a location with touchpad door locks. This information will be available at 9 a.m. on your scheduled arrival date. (Instructions for accessing Housing Information)
3.  Activate your Middlebury network account and set the password
Network accounts will be available after May 1. This account is used for email, wireless access, and more. All Language Schools communications during the summer are sent only to Middlebury email accounts. This includes links to training you will need to complete prior to arrival, correspondence with instructors, and information for online evaluations at the end of the program. (Helpful Information)
4 Complete Campus Clarity online training
A notice with a link to this mandatory training will be sent to your Middlebury network email account after May 1. You will not be allowed to attend class until you have completed this training.

Look for a message from "Title IX Resource Coordinator <>".

***If you completed Campus Clarity training for Middlebury College during the summer of 2016, you will not receive an email to complete it for the summer of 2017***

5.  Enter Your Contact Information in RAVE
Rave is a contact tool to notify you in the event of a campus emergency.  If you will have a cell phone, please enter your cell number in RAVE. You will need your Middlebury ID number and your Middlebury network password to log in.

  1. Log on to BannerWeb using your 8-digit Middlebury ID number and 6-digit BannerWeb PIN.
  2. Select Personal Information.
  3. Select Update Cell Phone
  4. Type in your cell phone number.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Please program the number for Middlebury College Public Safety: 802.443.5911, into your cell phone and use for medical emergencies as well as lock-outs.

6.  Obtain or renew your ID card
You will receive your ID card at check-in if your photo is submitted at least 72 hours prior to the date of your program’s Arrival Center. Otherwise, you will be issued a temporary card and will need to return to the Access and Parking Services office to pick up your permanent ID card when it is ready. You will be charged a fee of $10 if you fail to return the temporary card.

Middlebury undergraduates attending a Language School CANNOT use their academic year ID Card and must submit a NEW photo.

7.  Complete the online Emergency Preparedness training
This training consists of a 30-minute video. You will need to use your Middlebury user ID (the first part of your email address) and password to access the page. Please select the link to the "Language Schools" training video.
8.  Acknowledge receipt of the link to the Language Schools Handbook

9.  Familiarize yourself with Middlebury College policy and federal and Vermont state laws regarding drugs and alcohol

10.  Review additional information on the Accepted Students page