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Language Schools Alumni

Dear Language Schools Alumni,

The Language Schools, of which you are an integral part, have a long history interwoven with the events of almost a century—from the founding of the German School in 1915 through the launching of our School of Hebrew in 2008. Between those signal events came several generations of students and faculty who have used their skills to affect the world in myriad ways. Today, those skills are more essential than ever.

Middlebury is proud to have Language Schools alumni contributing as global citizens, in every possible field and region. We know that we can count on your continued input and support.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will find many of your most frequently asked questions answered here or by our staff. We are always pleased to hear from you.


Michael E. Geisler
Vice President for Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and Graduate Programs

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Elizabeth Karnes Keefe
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