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This one-week intensive course is for former graduate students and/or present teachers of Italian language courses.

Attendees will have 15 contact hours with various professors from our graduate program. During the five days of lessons attendees will spend the first day reviewing grammatical structures at the graduate level and will review all of the verb tenses (especially the subjunctive and if clauses), prepositions, useful idiomatic expressions, and pronouns. The second day they will concentrate on how to increase reading and writing skills. The third day they will learn new trends in contemporary Italian cinema and how to read films. On the fourth day they will focus on new trends in Italian literature and literary criticism. The fifth day will focus on Italian contemporary issues and in the evening there will be a special workshop on Italian Culinary and Wine Culture. We are thrilled to announce that this multidisciplinary refresher course will also coincide with the LS Centennial celebration, and with the campus visit of Cuticchio, founder of the Sicilian Opera dei Pupi, which continues and preserves The Sicilian puppet theatre, today recognized by UNESCO.

*In the afternoon attendees will have the opportunity to practice their Italian with native speakers. Participants will live on campus, eat meals in the dining halls, and sign the Language Pledge. The course will meet for 3 hours a day.

Cost: $1,500

2015 Dates: July 27-31

For an application and more information, please contact Antonio Vitti, 
Italian School Director, at acvitti@middlebury.edu.

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