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Spanish 4-Week Program for Teachers

ESPAÑOL EN CONTACTO: 21st-century Spanish for Teachers

What does it mean to be bilingual and bicultural? What effects does constant contact have on languages and cultures? How are U.S. Latino cultures similar to and different from those in other areas of the world? How does this reality impact language and educational policy and practice in the Spanish-speaking world, including the U.S.? These fundamental questions about el español en contacto are addressed in the Escuela de español, a program of Middlebury Language Schools at Mills College in Oakland, California.

Participants benefit from Middlebury’s nearly 100 years of experience teaching intensive immersion language programs. In one summer, you can earn transferable credits and make significant gains in language proficiency while following the Language Pledge®.


In addition to the four levels in the undergraduate immersion program, this new, 4-week program provides teachers and prospective teachers the opportunity to gain language proficiency as well as earn professional development credit. The experienced staff offers rigorous work in advanced language learning to build grammar, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge. Nationally recognized experts in language teaching give participants theoretical and practical training in the latest trends in applied linguistics (bilingualism, language acquisition, Spanish as a heritage language). In summer 2014, students can choose from the following courses:

  • Advanced Spanish in Context (SPAN 3501S). Advanced grammar, lexical expansion, composition. (1 unit, Carmen Carballo)
  • Language Teaching in the 21st Century (SPAN 6790S) Topics include second language acquisition, bilingualism, Spanish in the U.S., differentiated instruction, content-based instruction, teaching culture, using technology in the language classroom. Site faculty and guest lecturers work with participants in hands-on projects for classroom use. (.5 unit, Eva Núñez Méndez)
  • Spanish Phonetics (SPAN 6710S) Articulatory phonetics for teachers of Spanish language; regional variation in the Spanish-speaking world. (.5 unit, Robert L. Davis)


1-2 Middlebury units of credit (equivalent to 3-6 semester hours)

Students must take at least one credit.

NOTE: Students may choose to do the following combinations, depending on their language skills:

     SPAN 6790S + SPAN 6710S = 1 unit of credit

     SPAN 3501S + SPAN 6790S = 1.5 units of credit

     SPAN 3501S + SPAN 6710S = 1.5 units of credit

     SPAN 3501S + SPAN 6790S + SPAN 6710S = 2 units of credit

Co-curricular activities

Excursions to area restaurants, shops, and cultural sites (museums, outdoor mural tours, etc.) complement the rigorous immersion training on campus and allow participants to experience language contact and U.S. bilingual communities first hand. Activities include:


Concerts and workshops on popular music from around the Spanish-speaking world

Weekly karaoke night

The world-class talent of the East Bay area (Venezuelan Music Project, Cascada de Flores, and Peña de Berkeley Cultural Center)


Soccer team

Olympic swimming pool

Beautiful grounds for jogging and walking

Food and cooking

Weekly cooking club

Excursions to local restaurants and markets


Salsa, merengue, sevillanas, indigenous dances of Mexico and Colombia

Hiking Club

Weekend excursions to natural sites in the Bay Area


Summer 2014 Dates: June 20 - July 18; held on the Mills College campus; Arrival is on June 20 and classes run June 23-July 18.


Tuition: $1,785 per unit

Room & Board for 4 weeks $1,700

1 unit of credit =  $3,485

1.5 units of credit = $4,380

2 units of credit = $5270

**Financial Aid is not available.

Apply Now-This application must be printed out and mailed to the address indicated on the application instructions.