Housing Hacks

Not sure where something is or who to ask? Need to find the closest laundry room? Want to know how to fix your roller shade?

We created Housing Hacks to give you a quick reference for your most frequent housing and room questions.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for check out the Housing Information page or contact your ResLife staff and they can help you if the answer.  If you need more information, feel free to contact ResLife via email - we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do you have a great Housing Hack? Let us know.  Send an email to ResLife and we'll post it here.

How do I fix my room shade?

This is one of the most freguent questions we get!  If your roller shade is not tensioned correctly (i.e., not rolling up all the way, or rolling up way too quickly), please check out this video on how to adjust them: 


If you have tried this simple fix and the shade still does not please contact your ResLife staff to have a work order submitted.  

How do I loft my bed?

Sorry, no personal lofts are permitted. But, if you need a little extra storage room, Custodial Services can install bed lifts or bunk most campus beds for you. Contact your ResLife staff member to help you make arrangements. Please do not bunk your bed without help!

Where can I store my stuff over the summer?

Summer Storage

The College provides a storage area in the Fletcher Storage Building (including short term storage for those transitioning to summer language programs or employment). Visit http://go.middlebury.edu/storage to register for storage, obtain more info, and to print online labels and forms.

Student Storage Vendor

Campus Storage is an approved student-run vendor for summer storage. The group will make arrangements to pick your things up right from your dorm room and then deliver it to your room in the fall.

Campus Storage is run by current Middlebury students.


Off-Campus Storage Companies

Several local establishments have storage facilities and a charge a monthly fee for self storage compartments (prices range depending on size of compartment). Students often group together with friends to rent a unit and share the expense. Use the internet and the yellow pages to find local storage unit services.

Bike Storage

Bikes may be stored with the Bike Shop for 20.00 for the summer. Unwanted bikes may be donated to the Bike Shop - for details email the shop. Bikes left on campus will be collected and may donated to the Bike Shop.

Social, Academic and Special Interest Houses

Each House has a designated storage area FOR HOUSE ITEMS ONLY, (NO personal items may be left in these spaces.)

Who do I contact for help with my room?

Each campus residence is managed by a Commons office. This Commons affiliation is connected only to the building and may be different from your personal Commons.

For First Year and Sophomore Halls, please contact the FYC or RA assigned to your hall. For upper-class areas, your CA ca help!

To find the Commons for your specific residence - please refer to the Floorplans page.  

Why won't my internet work?

A complete guide to connecting to the Middlebury network can be found on the following page: Connecting to the Middlebury College Network.

If your trouble is with your Ethernet port your can find information about troubleshooting problems with the Ethernet port here.

Where is the closest laundry?

Middlebury College has 16 laundry facilities. All facilities have both washers and dryers. Buildings with laundry facilities are:

Location Washers Dryers
51 Franklin Street 3 3
Atwater Hall A 10 8
Brackett House 2 2
Brooker House 2 2
Coffrin Hall 6 4
Forest Hall 16 12
Gifford Hall 2 2
Hadley Hall 4 4
Hepburn Hall 2 2
Kelly Hall 4 4
Laforce Hall 3 3
Munford House 2 2
Painter Hall 2 2
Palmer House 2 2
Prescott House 2 2
Stewart Hall 6 4

Add-value machines are located in the entrance to Ross Dining Hall, Forest Hall laundry room, Atwater Hall A laundry room and McCullough next to the ATM. Cards can also be purchased at the College Store.

Visit go/laundry to learn more!

Where can I get kitchen supplies?

All residence halls, small houses and suites have access to a kitchen with an oven, cook-top, refrigerator and sink.  For the most part, students who are interested in cooking are expected to provide their own kitchen supplies for long-term use.

The College's ReUse Trailers often have great kitchenware and cooking items left over from previous students.

Each Commons has a small collection of kitchen supplies available for short-term use throughout the year. Generally, Commons Offices will only lend these supplies to students who are members of their Commons. Lending processes may vary by Commons; contact your Commons Coordinator to check on the availability of these supplies.

If you are a member of a Superblock, an assortment of kitchen supplies is available to you through the Office of Residential Life. Contact Karin Hall-Kolts to check on the availability of these supplies and schedule a time to pick them up from our office. All borrowed items must be returned before the end of the academic year.

Does my dorm/house/suite have cable TV?

Middlebury College provides basic cable service and television sets in most residential hall lounges and small houses.

Senior Suites (Atwater Hall A and B, LaForce, Ridgeline Townhouses, Ridgeline View Suties, and Ross Towers)

Some senior suites are wired for cable TV installation. Residents of these suites may subscribe to cable service to secure a subscription. Information is provided to the residents of the suites regarding cable TV installation at the beginning of each academic year.


Tapping or tampering with the cable television system is prohibited. Those who are responsible may be held liable in a civil action for three times the actual amount of damages sustained thereby in accordance with the Vermont law on tapping cable television. Students living in spaces where cable is permitted in the lounge areas are prohibited from tapping cable to individual rooms.


Satellite dishes are not permitted and may be removed by Facilities Services. Charges for removal will be incurred by the student.

Where can I park my car?

Registering your car is required if you want to park on campus.  

For great information on parking locations and permits visit the Public Safety webpage.

For general parking info like fees and appeals check out: go/parking

How do I make my room cooler/warmer?

The College uses 5 different types of heating systems in the dorms. Visit go/heat to find details on which system is used in your residence and specific instructions on how to use it.

Where can I store my stuff?

There are a number of locations across the campus that are designated as student storage space for use by current residents during the academic year.

  • These are unsecured spaces.
  • All items must be removed as of Commencement. Remaining items will be disposed of by the College.
  • The College is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.

If your property is not on the list below there is no campus storage available for your residence. Please contact ResLife staff or the Commons office for assistance.

Building Commons Storage Location   Opened by:
Allen Hall Atwater Basement west side Locked Resident's Room Key
Atwater Hall A  Atwater Section C, rooms 425, 426, 526 Locked Resident's Room Key
Atwater Hall B  Atwater Section C, rooms 120, 223, 428 Locked Resident's Room Key
Brackett House Brainerd Basement Storage Room Locked Commons
Battell Hall Cook / Wonnacott Basement Locked Commons
The Deanery  Cook Basement room off lounge Locked Commons
Gifford Hall Wonnacott Gifford B14 Locked Commons
Hadley Hall Ross Milliken/Hadley 6th Floor Attics Locked Commons
Kelly Hall Ross Milliken/Hadley 6th Floor Attics Locked Commons
LaForce Hall Ross Milliken/Hadley 6th Floor Attics Locked Commons
Lang Hall Ross Milliken/Hadley 6th Floor Attics Locked Commons
Milliken Hall Ross Milliken/Hadley 6th Floor Attics Locked Commons
Painter Hall Wonnacott Basement Locked Commons
Ross Towers Ross Milliken/Hadley 6th Floor Attics Locked Commons
KDR  COK 3rd Floor Closet Locked Commons
Brooker House Brainerd Basement Locked Resident's Room Key
Bowker House Brainerd Basement Unlocked None
Le Chateau   Atwater 3rd Floor Off Lounge Locked Resident's Room Key
Palmer House Brainerd Basement Locked Resident's Room Key
Prescott House Brainerd Basement Locked Commons
PALANA Wonnacott Basement Room 6 Locked Commons
Weybridge House  Cook Basement Unlocked None

Are there cleaning supplies available?

Each building has been equipped with cleaning supplies and equipment for ResLife staff and residents to use. Below is a list of all residential spaces with the locations of the supplies. Contact a member of your ResLife or custodial team if anything needs to be replaced.


  • 20 Adirondack: Custodial closet
  • 33 Adirondack: Custodial closet
  • 51  Franklin: Kitchen
  • 70 Hillcrest: Kitchen
  • 82 Adirondack: Custodial closet
  • 99 Adirondack: Custodial closet
  • 131 Franklin: Kitchen
  • 107 Shannon: Kitchens
  • 108 S. Main: Kitchen
  • 220 College: Kitchens
  • 248 College: Kitchen
  • 236 College: Closet off living room
  • 637 College: 1st floor Closet off living room
  • Bowker: Custodial closets
  • Brackett: Basement Kitchen
  • Brooker: Basement Kitchen
  • Deanery: Kitchen
  • Homer Harris: Kitchen pantry
  • Homestead: Kitchen
  • InSite:  Kitchen
  • Jewett: Kitchen
  • KDR: Kitchen
  • Longwell:  Kitchen
  • Meeker: Kitchen
  • Mill: Basement Kitchen
  • Mods: Outside custodial closet
  • Munford: Kitchen
  • PALANA: Kitchen
  • Palmer: Basement Kitchen
  • Perkins: Kitchen
  • Prescott: Basement Kitchen
  • Porter: 1st  floor - Bathroom
  • Self-Reliance: Kitchen
  • Sperry: Kitchen
  • Turner: Kitchen
  • Weybridge: Main Library


Residence Halls

  • Allen: 1st  floor - Recycling room
  • Atwater A: - Recycling rooms on 1st floor
  • Atwater B: 3rd floor of each section
  • Battell: 1st  floor - Next to the kitchenettes
  • Battell: 2nd  floor - Next to the small lounges North and South ends
  • Battell:  3rd floor - Next to the bathroom center area
  • Coffrin: 2nd  floor - North section laundry/South end of hall
  • Coffrin: 4th  floor - Annex lounge kitchen closet 
  • Coffrin: 5th  floor - End of hallways 
  • Coffrin: 6th  floor - End of hallways
  • Forest: Basement Kitchen
  • Forest: 1st  floor - West kitchen under sink
  • Forest: 2nd floor - West kitchen under sink
  • Gifford: 2nd floor - Kitchen
  • Hadley: 3rd floor Custodial closet across from room 331
  • Hadley: 5th floor Custodial closet across from room 537
  • Hepburn: 1st  floor - Kitchen
  • LaForce: Laundry room
  • Le Chateau: Basement Kitchen
  • Pearsons: Basement kitchen
  • Starr: 1st  floor - Lounge
  • Stewart: 2nd  floor - Public bathroom in cabinet
  • Stewart: 3rd  floor - Trash room on West end of hall
  • Voter: All suites - Under bathroom sinks
Helpful cleaning tips

For help with keeping your living spaces clean and tidy check out the Custodial Services Blog.