Social Impact Corps

The Middlebury Social Impact Corps (formerly known as Ambassador Corps) program connects students to social change with unique global internship opportunities. A select cohort of Middlebury College students and MIIS graduate students are chosen and matched with a social enterprise or NGO for an eight-week summer internship in the Bahamas (Cape Eleuthera Institute) or Peru (Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development). The experiential learning program focuses on six pillars: adaptability, commitment, inquiry, narrative, reflection, and partnership. In partnership with organizations, MSIC members gain knowledge, skills, and dispositions for purposeful careers in social impact.

The Middlebury Social Impact Corps (MSIC) scholars program is a partnership-based program for MIIS graduate students, focused on action research, partnership development, and mentorship in emerging market countries. The MSIC scholars program is overseen by MIIS faculty member Dr. Netta Avineri.

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