Study Abroad in France

Designed for students at an advanced level of French, the Middlebury School in France provides opportunities to experience French culture in one of three locations: Bordeaux - a larger city with a rich culinary and wine growing tradition; Paris - the cosmopolitan capital at the heart of France; and Poitiers- a quintessential French town with a strong university and student culture.


In Bordeaux and Poitiers, students enroll directly in a broad range of disciplines in one of Middlebury's partner universities. Students in Paris enroll in up to two Middlebury courses at the School in France headquarters, the Centre Madeleine, and take the rest of their courses at one of the many host universities in the city.

At all sites, whether in a university course alongside local students, or at the Centre Madeleine, courses are conducted solely in French. Students adhere to the Middlebury Language Pledge® while studying abroad, showing a commitment to linguistic and cultural immersion.

All students are required to engage in either an academic internship or volunteer work. Student clubs and French language conversation partners also offer students an opportunity for further community involvement.

Housing - with local families or in residences - is geared to provide students with immersion in the language and culture outside of the classroom.

We have an exciting new STEM track in Poitiers!

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Take a look at the video below to see Bordeaux from a student's perspective.