Students in Bordeaux live with a host family. Students are not permitted to live alone, and no one is permitted to share housing with other English-speakers.

Students heading to Bordeaux will submit a housing questionnaire to the School in France site coordinator in March/April for fall and year students, and in September/October for spring students. This questionnaire provides the School in France staff with valuable information concerning each student's background, expectations, and special needs, if any. This housing questionnaire is binding and students should not expect to change their housing preference after arrival.

Once students indicate their housing preferences, the School in France staff will review their responses, communicate with them if additional information is needed, and send them by e-mail their assigned housing, which will include a short description. Upon receipt of her/his housing assignment, the student shall send a confirmation letter and a deposit check to the hosts.


We have contacts with about 70 host families in the greater Paris metro area, and agreements with six student residence halls or foyers.

All of the housing options have been evaluated and reviewed by former students, the Student Life Assistant, and/or our housing placement agency. We offer students a wide choice of options from which they can choose according to each student's background, expectations, and special needs, if any.

For those who choose to live with a French family, several options are offered:

  • room + breakfast
  • room + breakfast + 1–3 shared meals per week
  • room + breakfast + 4–5 shared meals per week

It is important to note that students living with a family in Paris will be asked to pay for their housing for the entirety of the semester up front. This may seem like a large sum to pay all at once, but the advantage is that students or their families won't have to pay an international wire transfer every month, which can add to the overall housing cost.

Housing Placements

Students complete an online housing questionnaire a few months prior to departure which provides the staff in Paris with valuable information concerning each student's background and expectations. Based on students' responses, the Student Life Assistant or the housing agency tries to match each student with a foyer or family, respectively, that fits perfectly with their needs. After the match has been made, students will be sent descriptions and contact information to learn more about their family or foyer.

Once you have thought about your preferences, you should communicate them to the housing coordinator by completing a questionnaire (the online questionnaire can be found in each student's account after being accepted to the program). All students studying abroad for the year or semester must complete this form during the semester prior to study abroad.

Students selecting a host family are encouraged to be open-minded about the location. There are many wonderful areas of Paris and it would be unfortunate to limit oneself to the 5th, 6th, or other "central" arrondissements in the city, especially as those are areas where students will already spend time for most classes. The course schedule in Paris isn't as demanding as what students are probably used to and Paris is very easy to get around. The most important aspect of the homestay is having a family that will enhance the student's cultural experience. When conducting housing placements, the potential for substantive cultural exchange is usually the primary consideration after health needs.


In Poitiers, students live in student residences in the historic downtown area, a 10-15 minute bus ride from the main campus. Program staff will try to find host families for students who have a strong preference for a homestay, but without guarantee of such a placement.

Students are not permitted to live alone, and no one is permitted to share housing with other English-speakers.

There are several different student residences to choose from:

Residence Roche D’Argent

Residence Jeanne D'Arc

Residence Canolle