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The Middlebury School in France knows that participation in extra-curricular activities is key to cultural and linguistic learning while abroad. We encourage students to do so both independently and through our program activities. Have a look at our social media pages to see what our students are doing this semester!




Students in Bordeaux take part in activities organized by both Middlebury and their host institution, Université Bordeaux Montaigne or Sciences Po Bordeaux. A current French graduate student acts as a part-time program assistant during the academic year. This student facilitates regular cultural activities, an optional day trip, and one weekend excursion each semester in addition to helping students find language partners and volunteering opportunities.


Students are encouraged to get involved in independent co-curricular activities (such as club sports, dance, choir, theatre, etc.) in Paris and at their host university. Additionally, Middlebury in Paris staff organize one weekend excursion each term and numerous cultural activities throughout the semester. Examples of past activities include wine and cheese tastings, guided tours of museums and castles, ballet and opera performances, and a bread baking workshop. Middlebury also offers a buddy program, a language partner exchange, and opportunities to volunteer.


Students in Poitiers partake in social, athletic, and artistic activities at the Université de Poitiers in addition to participating in activities offered by the program. Middlebury organizes 1-2 cultural activities per month, an optional day trip, and one weekend excursion each term for the Poitiers site. At the beginning of the semester, a current French student helps program participants find opportunities to volunteer, participate in a language exchange, and sign up for sports and clubs at the university.