Alexis Cheney, Paris

Connecticut College

I adored studying in Paris. Since the Middlebury program encourages students to completely immerse themselves in French culture, I felt more like a Parisian than a tourist. Living with a host family helped me to feel at home in Paris. I enjoyed talking and laughing with them at the dinner table. They taught me to cook various French dishes such as crepes and endive gratin. They also briefed me on French history and current events. Their teenage son played guitar and taught me French songs by George Brassens. In addition to my host family, my internship improved my language skills. I interned at La Fondation Scelles, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching prostitution around the world, two days per week. I enjoyed balancing my academics with a professional experience and learning about French professional culture. I have kept in contact with my homestay family and coworkers. My integrative study abroad experience greatly improved my French language skills and knowledge of French culture. My fond memories of Paris will remain with me for a lifetime.