Ferrara, a city of 130,000 located on the Po river in the Emilia Romagna region is only 30 minutes by train from Bologna and one hour from Venice. Few tourists have discovered Ferrara’s charms, which include magnificent art and architecture from the medieval, Renaissance, and modern eras, and the finest classic Italian cuisine. This former inde­pendent city-state emerged in the second half of the twen­tieth century as a vibrant agricultural and industrial trading center. Ferrara’s historic center, a favorite walking venue, is filled with monuments, palazzos, cafes, and a renowned cathedral. Bicycles are a primary means of transportation, giving the center the feel of a small and friendly community. Ferrara's museums, exhi­bitions, festivals, and theater reflect its rich artistic, musical, and cultural heritage, which continues to grow and make it an ideal location for the study abroad student looking for immersion into Italian life and culture. While the School in Italy staff is located in Florence, they make regular visits to Ferrara throughout the semester.

The University of Ferrara

Middlebury's host institution, the Università degli Studi di Ferrara, was first established in 1391 and today enrolls over 16,000 students.