Curriculum in Florence

Available Tracks: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Beginner/Intermediate Tracks

The Middlebury School in Italy's site in Florence offers a Beginner Track for students with 0-1 years of college-level Italian (or the equivalent) and an Intermediate Track for students with 1-1.5 years of college-level Italian (or the equivalent).  These tracks offer unique opportunities for students to learn or improve their Italian while also taking area studies courses at the Middlebury Sede and/or at the nearby Università degli Studi di Firenze.  Course instruction at the Sede will begin with a mix of English and Italian and will increase toward more content in Italian as the semester progresses.  Students will also take advantage of the Middlebury Language Pledge® to help jump-start their Italian language proficiency.  Visit the Middlebury Sede's webpage for more information about course offerings for these two tracks.

Advanced Track

The Middlebury School in Italy's Advanced Track is designed for well-rounded students with strong abilities in written and spoken Italian. This track emphasizes acquisition of language skills and intellectual development through a curriculum of content-driven language and cultural study exclusively in Italian. We strongly urge all students to enroll in the program for the full academic year: compared to a shorter stay, the linguistic, academic, and personal benefits of a ten-month stay are incalculable.

Each semester in Florence, students enroll in the majority of their courses at the Università degli Studi di Firenze or the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze (spring semester only). By directly enrolling at the local university, you have the unique opportunity to maximize intellectual and linguistic growth in a truly authentic Italian environment.

The Director will guide you toward courses most appropriate to your intellectual, linguistic, and curricular interests. Normally, a full course load includes one language/literature course (designed for program participants) and two direct enrollment courses at the university.  An academic internship may take the place of one university course.

Click here for a list of available disciplines by site in Italy.

University of Florence

A wide a variety of courses are offered at the Università degli Studi di Firenze including but not limited to:

Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte Greca e Romana
Letteratura Italiana
Letteratura Italiana Moderna e Contemporanea
Letteratura Teatrale Italiana
Organizzazione Internazionale
Relazioni Internazionali
Sistema Politico Italiano
Sistemi Sociali Comparati
Sociologia della Comunicazione
Sociologia della Famiglia
Sociologia della Letteratura
Sociologia Urbana
Storia Contemporanea
Storia dei Movimenti e dei Partiti Politici
Storia dei Movimenti Sindacali
Storia del Costume
Storia del Giornalismo
Storia del Pensiero Politico Contemporaneo
Storia del Rinascimento
Storia del Risorgimento
Storia del Teatro e dello Spettacolo
Storia dell'Arte
Storia dell'Arte Contemporanea
Storia dell'Arte Moderna
Storia dell'Europa
Storia dell'Integrazione Europea
Storia dell'Italia Contemporanea
Storia della Critica e della Storiografia Letteraria
Storia della Lingua Italiana
Storia delle Arti Applicate e dell'Oreficeria
Storia delle Arti Decorative e Industriali
Storia delle Dottrine Politiche
Storia delle Tradizioni Popolari
Storia Economica e Sociale del Medioevo
Storia Economica e Sociale dell'Età Industriale
Storia Medievale
Storia Moderna
Storia Romana
Teoria e Tecnica del Linguaggio Cinematografico

Accademia di Belle Arti

By special arrangement, courses in studio art are available to qualified students. Please note that students may only take courses at the Accademia during the second (spring) semester.  

Artistic Anatomy
Semiology of the Body
Ornamental Techniques and Technology
Restoration of Paintings on Canvas and Wood
Methodology and Techniques for Frescoes
Techniques for Graphic Etching
Computer Graphics
Graphic Techniques
Theory and Practice of Drawing Prospective
Set design
Design for Sculpture