Study Abroad in Russia

Добро Пожаловать в Россию!

The Middlebury School in Russia offers three unique opportunities for students who wish to immerse themselves in the study of Russian language and culture.

Designed for students at either an intermediate or advanced level of Russian, the School in Russia offers students a broad range of academic and cultural immersion under the Middlebury Language Pledge® in one of three distinct Russian cities. 

Depending on their academic needs and extracurricular interests, students can choose from three sites - Yaroslavl, a peaceful city in Central Russia, Irkutsk in East Siberia or Moscow.  All cities have distinct regional characteristics that provide students with plenty of opportunities for immersion in both the language and the culture.

Unlike many American programs in Russia, in which study abroad students are segregated from regular university and community life, our programs in Irkutsk, Moscow, and Yaroslavl have been carefully designed to encourage linguistic and cultural integration. Through a flexible and demanding academic program, and with a variety of local contacts outside of the university, we strive to allow students maximum independence in their academic and social lives. In addition to improved Russian language ability, this level of independence allows students to develop practical survival skills for later work or study in the country. 

Take a look at the video below to see Yaroslavl from a student's perspective.