Laboratory Stores Stockroom

Hours of Operation:  Weekdays 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Location:  McCardell Bicentennial Hall Room 120

Contact Information:


Phone: (802) 443-5619

Stockroom Staff:  Stockroom personnel oversee operation of the Laboratory Stores; which includes maintaining inventory of chemicals and consumable lab supplies for purchase, shipping, receiving, and delivery of packages; and materials management within the building. Laboratory Stores also manages ordering and delivery of cylinder gases and liquid nitrogen.

Caitlin Carr, Laboratory Stores and Safety Manager, is responsible for many related laboratory safety functions, including hazardous waste pickup and disposal; chemical spill cleanup; management of safety data sheets; and laboratory safety training.

Work Hours:  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM 

Carrie Donohue, Sciences Purchasing Coordinator, provides support for ordering materials for the Biology Department and Neuroscience Program, and ancillary purchasing and receiving support for the Laboratory Stores and other departments within the building.

Work Hours:  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Stockroom Inventory and Pricing:  The link at the upper right of this page provides an alphabetical listing of products available through the stockroom.  This list is updated regularly, but if we don't have something you would like kept in stock, or a price seems too high, please contact us directly to review and discuss options.

Stockroom Purchasing Procedures:  Items purchased from the stockroom must be entered in the purchase log by the faculty member, staff person, or student receiving the items.  The purchase entry must include the name, department, an account code or name of the class or research project the purchase is for, the correct stockroom code (SR#), the quantity, unit of purchase (i.e. single item vs. case), and a description.  

Cylinder Gases:  Stockroom personnel will order and deliver gas cylinders to laboratories and equipment rooms upon request.  If you need  a replacement cylinder please contact stockroom staff who will assist with the process.  Gas cylinders should only be moved when attached to a cylinder cart and with all fastenings, etc. in place.

Lab Coats and Laundering:  Lab coats for use in teaching and research laboratories are available at no charge through the stockroom.  Laundering service is also available at no cost, but must be arranged with stockroom personnel in advance.  Lab coats must not be laundered at home, or in a coin-operated laundry or similar facility.

General Procedures for Purchase Orders and P-Card Purchases/Deliveries:  Federal Express and UPS, as well as freight deliveries, are received through the stockroom.  US Mail deliveries are generally delivered directly to department mailboxes.

  • When placing Purchase Orders and P-Card Orders:
    • Please email copies of orders to  Include a list of items ordered so we can receive in goods/equipment and ensure orders are complete. 
    • In the subject line please use:    DEPT_Order ID#_Company_ special instructions (if any)  [for example:  BIO_CC-234_ Sigma_On Dry Ice]
    • If there are special instructions related to your email (such as perishable items or llive animals)  the email should be sent with “High Importance” so we know to look at/attend to those orders first.  In the email please note the expected arrival date and the room it should be delivered to.
  • We strongly discourage delivery of personal items to the stockroom, but understand that at times there are circumstances where this may be necessary.  If so please let us know that you are expecting a package and we will notify you when it arrives so you can pick it up from the stockroom.

The shipping address for Bicentennial Hall is:

Middlebury College, 276 Bicentennial Way,  Middlebury,  VT  05753

When placing orders please ask that the shipping label include the recipient's name and the room to which you would like the package delivered.  For example:

Attn:  John Smith (MBH 942)

It is also extremely helpful if the shipping label includes a reference to the Purchase Order Number or P-Card Order ID # included with notification email sent to the Stockroom.