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Top Priorities and New Opportunities

Your gift to the Annual Fund provides immediate and flexible dollars to fund the programs and people that make Middlebury exceptional.

Through unrestricted gifts, we can increase student scholarships, recruit talented young faculty members, provide service to our community, and enhance students’ cultural and global awareness. Your support also enables Middlebury to fund important new initiatives that accelerate our pace of progress and maintain our entrepreneurial culture.

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Immediate Impact

Annual Fund gifts are an important complement to our endowment, which is invested for the long term and provides a stable source of income to fund Middlebury programs. Because Annual Fund gifts can be spent in the year they are received, a gift of $5,000 to the fund has the same impact in any given year as a $100,000 gift to the endowment. That’s because, in a typical year, Middlebury aims to spend about 5 percent of the value of its endowment—or $5,000 in the case of a $100,000 endowment.

Sachi Howson '21

Finding Solutions

I started working with Middlebury’s Sustainability Solutions Lab as a sophomore, focusing on getting students to recycle, repair, reuse, and donate more. Last year I was one of the first group of summer interns working on Energy2028, helping integrate environmental issues into the curriculum. This fall my involvement took a backseat so I could play on the women’s soccer team, but I’m still busy behind the scenes because this work is so important.

Sachi Howson ’21

Environmental Psychology Major

Francoise Niyigena ’21

Critical Thinking

So much of my time at Middlebury has been learning to think more deeply about the things I care about. I came to Middlebury believing I was going into health care, but I have found my passion is innovative school curriculum, emotional development, and critical thinking. I’m designing an education reform project that will help represent Rwandan youth in the movement. With an endowment grant from Middlebury’s Center for Community Engagement, I’ve been able to research the history of Rwandan education and think critically about how to have the young people of Rwanda engage in their educational futures.

Francoise Niyigena ’21

Neuroscience and Psychology Major

Calder Birdsey '20

Community Impact

I grew up in Middlebury. Attending college here allowed me to experience both the town and the College differently. As an architectural studies student, I found that our Habitat for Humanity courses captured the academic experience at Middlebury. Some classes talk about doing—this class was doing. Being part of the group of 12 students who helped design these houses and get them built made an impact on our community. That makes me so happy.

Calder Birdsey ’20

Computer Science and Architecture

Why I Give

Francie Alexandre ’12 Class Agent

Middlebury transformed my life in more ways than I could count, and I want to give that gift to others.  Financial aid ensures the most deserving students receive the Middlebury education, which provides the tools to navigate this complex world with curiosity, confidence, and compassion.

Francie Alexandre ’12

AFEC member, Lead Class Agent

Jigar Bhakta in a dark suit, white shirt, and dark blue tie

As a student, Middlebury supported me in so many ways. Hands-on faculty and staff made my four years a deeply personal experience, dedicated alumni helped me forge my career path forward, and, of course, generous alumni giving afforded me tremendous financial relief. And now as a loyal alumnus, it’s my turn to give back to keep the good things going at Middlebury.

Jigar Bhakta ’18

AFEC Vice-Chair, Lead Class Agent

Tyler Newton outside at the Bread Loaf campus, in a dark plaid shirt and warm vest

I support Middlebury so others can have access to the education that provided me with a deeply fulfilling, lifelong love of learning. In addition to the outstanding academics, the unique Middlebury experiences like time spent in the outdoors of Vermont, summer Language Schools, and two semesters abroad provided me some of the best memories and friends a person could ask for.

Tyler Newton ’95

AFEC Chair, Lead Class Agent 

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