Middlebury recognizes exceptional alumni achievement through three awards that are presented each year for professional or personal accomplishments, public service, and service to Middlebury.

Alumni Achievement Award

The Middlebury Alumni Association presents one or more awards each year to outstanding and distinguished alumni for achievement in a professional field, their personal life, and/or public service. Those honored receive the award when they deliver a talk on campus, so the time and place of the award presentation varies. All College alumni are eligible to receive the award, with the exception of honorary alumni, Middlebury trustees, and Alumni Association directors.

Young Alumni Achievement Award

Since 1988, this award has honored individuals who graduated in more recent years for their outstanding and distinguished achievement in their professional fields, personal lives, and/or public service. All College alumni are eligible to receive the award with the same exceptions that apply to the Alumni Achievement Award.

Meet the Award Winners

Many fascinating people have received the Alumni Achievement Award. Among them are infectious disease pioneers, journalists, experts on the solar system, a governor of Vermont and longtime U.S. Senator, artists, writers, businesspeople, and geologists. Learn more about the most recent Achievement Award recipients.

Alumni Plaque Award

Every June during Reunion Convocation, the Alumni Plaque is awarded to two alumni for exceptional service to Middlebury, its students, and alumni. We honor these alumni for their loyalty and their contributions to their alma mater.

The plaque has been awarded every year since 1940. See the names of plaque winners from the first awardees (John M. Thomas, Class of 1890, and Thomas H. Noonan, Class of 1891) to the most recent winners.

Submit an Award Nomination

The Middlebury Alumni Association welcomes Achievement and Plaque award nominations from alumni and considers the nominees annually. Award recipients are selected from among alumni whose classes are celebrating a Reunion year. Please note that current MAA board members, College staff, and alumni trustees are not eligible. Use this form to tell us about your candidate.

Questions about Alumni Awards?

Contact the Alumni and Parent Programs team at alumni@middlebury.edu or (802) 443-5183.