Navigate to “Building’s HVAC Instructions” (HVAC, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) to learn how to interact with your space. Look above or in the contents section for “Additional Navigation” to watch videos on heating systems. Please read below to learn more about our energy savings initiative.


To align with our Energy 2028 goal of reducing energy use by 25%, Facilities is trying a new approach to room comfort control.  The “Point of use” concept will give the occupant some level of control of the space they occupy as well as ensure that spaces are not being heated and cooled while unoccupied. Some pilot projects using this approach have had positive results and the College is saving energy as a result. 

This page’s goal is to provide information to building users as to how they may use building controls to provide that comfort and still allow the College to save energy. Every building is different, with some buildings having many control adjustment options, and some having none. Please navigate to a particular building and location to see just how you can interact with the building that you live or work in.

If you don’t see a building or specific space, it either doesn’t have any user interactive components or is still a work in progress.

As this project continues, we welcome constructive feedback at






You may also see these QR Codes on thermostats or windows. These will direct you to this page so you can quickly navigate to a building’s information.


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