Four Simple Steps for Safer Travel

Understanding health and safety issues is an important part of any travel plan. Information gathering should begin as early as possible in the planning process.  Country specific recommendations for personal safety, including guidance for vaccines and medications used to treat or prevent illness, are constantly changing.  Individuals must assess and periodically reassess their travel plans and health and safety risks.  The four steps below will connect you to some of the most reliable and frequently updated travel health and safety web pages. Travelers are strongly encouraged to follow these four steps to reduce health and safety risks while abroad: 

Step one: 

Visit the US Centers for Disease Control Traveler’s Health web page for country-specific health information and Travel Alerts.  Note any vaccines that are either required or recommended, as well as medications you can bring with you to prevent or treat illness.  The CDC offers mobile app for safer travel which may be helpful while planning and travelling.  For those wanting more information,  good secondary resource include The World Health Organization Travel and Health web page. 

Step two: 

Visit the US State Department International Travel web page for country-specific information on safety and security, entry and return requirements.  Note any terrorism and crime threats as well as US Embassy resources.  For those wanting more information, a good secondary resource is the Gov.UK Foreign Travel Advice web page. 

Step three: 

Make sure that you have medical insurance coverage for your trip by contacting your insurance carrier. Visit the Middlebury College Global Operations Health and Safety web page to learn about and register for Middlebury specific support such as insurance coverage that might be available during your trip. 

Step four: 

Contact your doctor’s office to make an appointment regarding your travel plans and any vaccine or medication prescriptions you might need.  Middlebury College students can visit the Health Services web page to start the process. Faculty and staff should contact their primary care provider.

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