ITS is enabling a Middlebury email security improvement intended to help identify email originating from outside of Middlebury and provide a visual verification of the real sender’s email address to help thwart tricks in spam and scam emails. 

External sender tagging provides visual clues when an email has been sent by an external sender, which can help you avoid clicking malicious links, opening suspect attachments, and responding to email phishing scams.

Previous external sender tagging  inserted the warning directly in the message body. We are happy to report that this new solution does not modify the message body in any way. External sender tags are displayed in your Microsoft email clients (Outlook and webmail) but are not included in messages or your replies. See examples of how this new functionality will appear.

External sender tagging is intended to help Middlebury community members easily identify emails sent from external senders, without cluttering the message content.

ITS will enable the new external sender tagging feature in late July 2021. Before clicking on attachments or links in an email, please check for the external sender tag and, when it is displayed, please verify that the email is from a trusted sender before you take action or reply. These simple steps can help you avoid troublesome spammers and scammers.

Should you have any questions about this feature, please email


Information Technology Services
Davis Family Library 202
Middlebury, VT 05753