We have some important information to share with our campus; please read the following two updates about campus Wi-Fi access and security.

Wi-Fi network certificate update

On Sunday, March 19, Information Technology Services will update the security certificate used on our campus Wi-Fi networks. As a result of this change, you will likely be asked to trust a new certificate for “cpauth.middlebury.edu” when you connect to Wi-Fi.  Please trust this certificate when prompted.

Certificates are required to secure our Wi-Fi networks and are refreshed regularly. Our Wi-Fi certificates were last renewed in March 2022. If you run into issues you may need to disconnect or forget the network and then reconnect.

Microsoft Authenticator App Security Enhancements

Microsoft is introducing a new feature to increase the security of Multifactor Authentication. Effective Tuesday, March 21, the Authenticator app will support number matching for login. Number matching is more secure and may reduce the number of times you have to type in your password.  If you currently “Approve / Deny” notifications on your mobile device for Microsoft logins you will soon see that experience replaced by one that presents a space to enter 2 digits (displayed in the login window), a prompt to confirm “yes / no it’s not me”, and a map showing your approximate location. 

Although no action is required to use the new number matching feature, those who enable phone sign-in will enjoy a more streamlined login process.  To learn more, read about MFA number matching for your account. 

Getting Help

If you need assistance with either of the above changes, please submit a ticket, email helpdesk@middlebury.edu, connect to us via Zoom using https://middlebury.zoom.us/j/8024432200, or call (802) 443-2200 during our open hours.

Thank you for understanding as we work to secure and maintain our IT infrastructure.

Information Technology Services
Davis Family Library 202
Middlebury, VT 05753