ITS has replaced the older multi-function print/copy units in both libraries and in MiddExpress.  The new devices will all be able to print in both color and black and white.  The way you print to them will change a little and give you more flexibility in printing.

When you send a print job to the new MiddColor or MiddBW queues, you will be able to release it at any of the new public units.  Jobs sent to MiddBW will print double-sided in black and white; jobs sent to MiddColor print single-sided in color.  You can change these default settings on screen or at the printer by adjusting the single or double-sided options.

The new print queues are available for immediate use by anyone sending print jobs from a college-owned computer.  Users of Mobility Print, however, will first need to add the new queues on their personally-owned device(s).   Our How to Print instructions will help you get started.  Please contact the Helpdesk if you need any assistance.

We’d like to remind you that there are still many ways you can reach out for assistance even though we are working remotely.  Visit the Helpdesk website for phone, email, Zoom, and “Smarty” (our new walk-up Zoom device) contact details.

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