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As we make improvements and apply updates for the TDX TeamDynamix System we are communicating these enhancements through MiddPoints and our client portal page (http://go/helpme/).  We want to keep you informed without adding to your email overload.

We are happy to announce that version 11.5 will be released on August 6, 2022. This release includes significant enhancements to the TeamDynamix platform.

Here are some highlights:

Platform Enhancements

Formatted Text Communications

  • TeamDynamix now supports formatted text communications for both inbound and outbound messages. Formatting in inbound emails is preserved and displayed in TDX in the Feed and in Ticket Descriptions. Technicians can now format text when sending an update or feed comment.

Feed Filtering

  • Throughout the system, users can now filter the Feed based on the type of feed entry. Feed entries are classified as either Edits, Status Changes, or Comments. Users can also search within the Feed to display matching results. See Working with the Feed for more information. 

Additional Ticket Contacts Created from Email cc Info

Service Management Enhancements

Request Service from Knowledge Base Article

  • Services can now be linked to articles and the corresponding “Request Service” buttons can be displayed right on the article page.  This will allow customers to look up articles and if they don’t get the needed answer to their question, a Helpdesk ticket can be created directly from the article.  This will take some time to build into our Middlebury system but we are excited by the streamlining this enhancement makes possible.

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