The new TeamDynamix ticket system rolled out last October and we are continually improving with feedback received from our campus community.  We encourage you to let us know how we can make this tool work even better so you can get help with your technology issues more quickly and easily.

As we make improvements and apply updates moving forward we will communicate these enhancements through MiddPoints and our client portal page (http://go/helpme/).  We want to keep you informed without adding to your email overload.

Here’s what we are working on in TeamDynamix this quarter:

  • updating and turning on our service level agreements so we can track progress on your tickets and our turnaround time for completion. 
  • turning on the auto close feature which will take a resolved ticket and close it within three days to reduce the number of tickets in an open state and help us focus on active issues.  If you do still need assistance on a resolved or closed ticket it is easily reopened by replying to a ticket email or adding a comment to your ticket.  
  • adding a contact field to our ticket forms so you can add a secondary contact person to your ticket.
  • creating and adding a new general ticket button on our client portal for those who may not know exactly what their technology issue is but want to get a ticket in place.  These general tickets may not collect all the information needed for a resolution but they do get the conversation started.  Submitting a request for help from the appropriate service website is the most efficient way to receive assistance because the ticket forms ask for needed details for that specific tech issue.
  • using your preferred first name instead of your legal name in our communications.  Your preferred name can be set up in Oracle using these instructions and populating the preferred name section with your preferred first name.  

Thank you for collaborating with us to make our work together successful.


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