This week we’ve upgraded WordPress to version 5.4 “Adderley” which includes many improvements to the “Gutenberg” block editor. You can read more about it in this release announcement.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • Thanks to our colleagues in Infrastructure Services, the ITS System Status widget now includes the status of Panopto, Zoom, Slack, and Canvas.
  • The Centennial Journal now shows which filters are active and clicking on tag links now activates a filter, rather than taking you to the tag page. A message is displayed if no results are available.
  • Updated configuration on the undergraduate College and Library sites to ensure that images in galleries are lazy-loaded on the page, rather than all being loaded on the initial page view.
  • Fixed an issue from last week’s update of the WordPress twentytwelve theme that wrote over a patch that added co-authors support to the theme.
  • Added support to the Institute’s Center for the Blue Economy site to embed Facebook posts in support of an upcoming online event.
  • Corrected editing permissions in the undergraduate College site to ensure that they apply to all content types.
  • Resolved an issue with the Homepage and Top Level content types in non-Institute Drupal 8 sites where the published version of components was displayed when viewing drafts, rather than the draft version.
  • Added a “Back to Top” button to non-Institute Drupal 8 sites.

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