The Old Stone Mill is a space for student creators, entrepreneurs, and artists.

We invite you to create. Build a canoe, code a website, edit an academic journal, record your music, test business models, write a book, design clothing, hold a book club meeting, teach pottery, have dinner with strangers, dance, quilt, photograph portraits, rehearse plays.

The premise is simple. We give you the space, and you use it to create something new. All we ask is that your project be nonacademic, self-designed, and respectful of your fellow tenants.

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The Old Stone Mill

The Old Stone Mill, formerly located beside Otter Creek at the heart of downtown Middlebury, is now on 82 Weybridge Street, closer to campus.

It acts as an incubator for both entrepreneurial startups and creative projects. The Old Stone Mill intentionally holds no academic affiliation with the projects of its tenants. This is a space where creators and innovators of Middlebury College can come together under one roof to share new ideas, explore creative passions, and collaborate in a supportive environment.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If you are accepted, there will be required orientation for use of 82 Weybridge Street.

Current and Past Tenants

Share to Wear was able to host pop-up shops in the M Gallery space. Check out its Instagram here: 

JoyRyde launched in 2015! Check out the article: Miles to Go: JoyRyde App Rewards Safe ‘Ryders

The Dream Bus completed it’s 2015 cross-country journey! Check out its creative journey here: 

The Middlebury band and Old Stone Mill tenant, Alpenglow, produced a three-part series of sessions at OSM. 

Alpenglow “Shout It Out,” at Old Stone Mill
Filmed by: Dylan Redford and Alec Richker
Edited by: Elori Kramer


Priority deadline for 2024/25 applications is September 16th. Applications will continue to be considered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year as space allows. A limited number of OSM Mini-grants are also available for project-related expenses.

If you have any problems, questions, or a funny story to tell, feel free to contact us at

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