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The library leadership team had its annual goal setting retreat in July. This year, we decided to make it a goal to keep the number of goals to a minimum. Here’s what we came up with.

Goal One: Deaccessioning and Space Planning

We will be engaging an architectural firm this winter and spring to help us develop a master plan for redeveloping the space of the Davis Family Library. In order to develop that plan, we will need to be able to answer how much of our 3 acres of space do we dedicate to storing materials. To answer that question, we will be developing a deaccessioning plan this fall.


Deaccessioning Plan (December 2018) and Master Plan for Davis Family Library (June 2019)

Goal Two: Re-envisioning the Library

There are three connected activities taking place this year that make it a year to revisit the strategic directions for the library.

First, Middlebury is at the end of a strategic planning process, and the library needs to articulate how we connect to the mission and vision of Middlebury.

Second, we are in the midst of a workforce planning exercise where we have been asked to examine our work and to envision a ‘future state’ that both supports the new strategic framework and contributes to the broad effort to achieve financial sustainability.

Finally, we are merging our efforts with the efforts of the MIIS library. Out of these three connected activities, we will be looking critically at our organizational structure, our services, and our strategic directions.


Contribution to Envisioning Middlebury (Sept 2018); MIIS/MC Library Merger Analysis Report (October 2018); Revised Strategic Directions, Organizational Chart, Service Agreements, and as appropriate revised Job Descriptions (February 2019).