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The library leadership team is responsible for long-range planning for the library, including budget, staffing, annual goal setting, establishing long-term direction, and connecting the work of the library to the mission and direction of Middlebury.

Middlebury College Mission

Through a commitment to immersive learning, we prepare students to lead engaged, consequential, and creative lives, contribute to their communities, and address the world’s most challenging problems.

Library Mission and Vision

We strive to be a center of intellectual and scholarly activity that advances teaching, learning, research, and innovation at Middlebury.

We connect our community to the universe of information; steward our unique and rare resources for the needs of current and future generations; design compelling spaces for collaboration, creation, and contemplation; and foster intellectual community, critical inquiry, and transformative scholarship and teaching; all in the service of instilling in our students a lifelong passion for personal growth and learning.

Library Values

  • We seek out innovations and ideas that improve Middlebury and our community. We embrace learning and growing as individuals and as an organization, striving to be agile and bold in our efforts, encouraging experimentation and informed risk taking, while learning from our experiences.
  • We achieve our mission, vision, and goals through individual accountability, teamwork, professional collaboration, and regular assessment.
  • We seek to know and understand our community and our co-workers. We believe that productive debate and the discussion of difference strengthen our work together.
  • We make decisions openly whenever possible and involve stakeholders in the process.

Library Strategic Directions

  • Sustain access to collections that delight our current and future scholars.
  • Provide spaces that inspire excellence in teaching, study, research and the production of knowledge.
  • Develop and deliver educational programming to support student and faculty development.
  • Support the development of expert staff that are critical to our ongoing and new initiatives.
  • Build connections to the broader higher education community.

Library Reports

2018-2019 Library Annual Report

2016-2017 Library Annual Report 

2015-2016 Library Annual Report 

Library Updates: March 2015

2011-2012 LIS Annual Report 

2010-2011 LIS Annual Report 

2009-2010 LIS Annual Report 

2008-2009 LIS Annual Report

Organizational Chart

Library Organizational Chart

Mike Roy

Dean of the Library

Julie Adamo


Director, Collection Strategies and Acquisitions

Rebekah Irwin


Director and Curator, Special Collections & Archives

Terry Simpkins

Director, Discovery & Access Services

Alyssa Wright

Director of Research, Instruction and Data Services